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How Mobile Technology Can Impact Your Sales (Infographic)

The use of mobile phones is increasing each and every year. For business owners and entrepreneurs, there’s a huge opportunity to leverage mobile devices to generate more sales and opportunities. Check out this infographic from Healthy Business Builder as they look at the different ways mobile technology can impact sales, and if mobile technology has really changed the business for ...

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Don’t Go Back in Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

The rate at which technology advances today is just phenomenal – and it’s only getting bigger, better and faster every day to accommodate consumer demands. It’s staggering to think that in 2003, PCs were still being shopped with floppy disk dives as standard and the iPhone was only invented in 2007. Here’s a look back at some technological breakthroughs that ...

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Cyber Attacks: Is Your Company Prepared?

There has recently been a large number of high-profile security breaches involving some of the biggest retailers, technology companies, heath insurance companies, and entertainment companies in the United States. Hundreds of millions of records were compromised without warning. If today’s growing number of cybercriminals can break into the websites of large corporations, there is no telling what damage they can ...

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Small Businesses Burdened by Aging PCs

Intel released the results of a survey that reveal small business workers are losing a full week of work due to old PCs. The Intel research finds older PCs reduce employee productivity, raise maintenance cots, and may increase security risks. Survey highlights are below: The Intel Small Business PC Refresh Study surveyed 736 small businesses in the United States, Brazil, ...

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Technology and Writing- The Amazon Kindle

There is no doubt that technology is changing today’s society. However, some people feel that these changes are for the worse, especially when it comes to technology and the media. These people argue that the advent of computers and the internet will make traditional books and other paper reading materials, such as newspapers and magazines, obsolete. Rather than have the ...

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