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Vocabulary for Entrepreneurs: Start-up

Presented by Exemplary Editing, Vocab for Entrepreneurs presents key vocabulary entrepreneurs and business owners should add to their arsenal. A start-up business is defined as a new business in the early stages where an entrepreneur moves from the idea phase to the getting financing, developing the basic structure of the business, and starting the operations of the business phases. The business ...

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Vocabulary for Entrepreneurs: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

If you’ve heard of a CEO, there’s a good chance that you have heard of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) OR Chief Financial and Operating Officer (CFOO). Sometimes this person is referred to as the “numbers” person because they oversee financial activities for the company. According to Investopedia: The CFO is the senior manager who is responsible for overseeing the ...

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The Founder’s Dictionary: Buzzwords Every Entrepreneur Should Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

Lawyers have legalese and doctors have medical terms. Each profession has a set of words that is used within its community and entrepreneurs and business owners are no different. Udemy created an infographic to help entrepreneurs and business owners with their vocabulary.  

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Vocabulary for Entrepreneurs: Chief Executive Office (CEO)

From start-ups to small business, entrepreneurs start their ventures with the hopes of one day becoming the Chief Executive Officer or CEO. At CEO Blog Nation, the CEO is synonymous with entrepreneur and handles high as well a lower level tasks hence the I am CEO campaign. According to Investopedia: The highest ranking executive in a company whose main responsibilities include developing ...

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Vocabulary for Entrepreneurs: LLC

Entrepreneurs and business owners that are looking to form a business might have heard the letters LLC once or twice. Here the definition of LLC. Related Post (Teach a CEO): How to choose which entity is right for you: C Corp, S Corp or LLC According to the Small Business Administration: “A limited liability company is a hybrid type of legal ...

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Vocabulary for Entrepreneurs: CRIM

One key skill for entrepreneurs to be successful is to communicate. Part of the ability to communicate is an entrepreneur and business owners vocabulary. This feature from Exemplary Editing introduces new words for entrepreneurs and business owners. CRIM comes from the Latin for “fault or crime” or “accusation,” and produces such English words as crime and criminal. Criminology – The ...

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Are there rules for e-mail writing?

Email Writing Tips It is all too easy to make errors when writing and sending emails. We have all heard horror stories about employees accidentally sending angry emails about their boss, to the boss, as well as stories about emails full of spelling and grammatical errors and misleading information. Here are some tips to make sure that your emails don’t ...

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Technology and Writing- The Amazon Kindle

There is no doubt that technology is changing today’s society. However, some people feel that these changes are for the worse, especially when it comes to technology and the media. These people argue that the advent of computers and the internet will make traditional books and other paper reading materials, such as newspapers and magazines, obsolete. Rather than have the ...

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Exemplary Editor

I am an Exemplary Editor. My work is Worthy of Imitation. Living, breathing, and eating editing with passion and zeal, Attacking every comma, semicolon and misplaced modifier with cold calculation, At all times, simultaneously demanding perfection and executing with pride. Words like weapons used with precision and accuracy. My work is Worthy of Imitation. I am an Exemplary Editor.

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Increase Your Word Power #4

AM/IM comes from the Latin word amare, “to love.” Amiable means “friendly or good-natured,” and amigo is Spanish for “friend.” Amicable:  friendly, peaceful.  Their relations with their in-laws were generally amicable, despite some bickering during the holidays. Enamored: charmed or fascinated; inflamed with love.  Rebecca quickly became enamored of the town’s rustic surroundings, its slow pace, and its eccentric characters. ...

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