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Vocabulary for Entrepreneurs: CRIM

Courtesy Business Week

One key skill for entrepreneurs to be successful is to communicate. Part of the ability to communicate is an entrepreneur and business owners vocabulary. This feature from Exemplary Editing introduces new words for entrepreneurs and business owners.

CRIM comes from the Latin for “fault or crime” or “accusation,” and produces such English words as crime and criminal.

  • Criminology – The study of crime, criminals, law enforcement, and punishment. His growing interest in criminology led him to become a probation officer. 
  • Decriminalization – To remove or reduce the criminal status of.  An angry debate over decriminalizing doctor-assisted suicide raged all day at the statehouse. 
  • Incriminate – To show evidence of involvement in a crime or a fault. The muddy tracks leading to and from the cookie jar were enough to incriminate them.
  • Recrimination – An accusation in retaliation for an accusation made against oneself; the making of such an accusation. Their failure to find help led to endless and pointless recriminations  over the responsibility for the accident. 

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