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What does apotheosis mean?

Apotheosis (noun) Exaltation to divine rank or stature; deification. Elevation to a preeminent or transcendent position; glorification: "Many observers have ...

What does fortitude mean?

Fortitude for·ti·tude // (fôr'tĭ-tōōd', -tyōōd')   n.  Strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage. for'ti·tu'di·nous (-tōōd'n-əs, ...

What does exemplary mean?

Exemplary ex·em·pla·ry (ĭg-zěm'plə-rē)   adj. Worthy of imitation; commendable: exemplary behavior. Serving as a model. Serving as an illustration; typical. ...

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