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Technology and Writing- The Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

There is no doubt that technology is changing today’s society. However, some people feel that these changes are for the worse, especially when it comes to technology and the media. These people argue that the advent of computers and the internet will make traditional books and other paper reading materials, such as newspapers and magazines, obsolete. Rather than have the Washington Post or Vanity Fair delivered to their doorsteps, more people are choosing to read newspaper and magazines with a click of their mouse. As a result of the increased online readership, the newspaper and magazine industries are suffering and many people feel that the book industry is the next to go.

A new device by Amazon called the Kindle adds to the fears of traditional book readers. The Kindle is a small, hand-held computer that allows people to read books on a screen. It has its advantages; people no longer have to travel to bookstores, instead, simply order the book and it is sent to the Kindle in less than 60 seconds. This lightweight machine holds up to 1500 books, a feat that no backpack can accomplish. Also, the Kindle has a feature that allows it to read newspapers, magazines, blogs, and books out loud to you. It sounds wonderful, but would you really want to read War and Peace off of an eight inch screen? What happens if you drop it and break the screen–would you be willing to fork over another $300 for a new one? Though the Kindle sounds appealing, it is highly unlikely to pose a real threat to the publishing industry.


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