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This is How to Write a Converting Email Autoresponder Series

Are you struggling with your email autoresponder series? Email autoresponders can save you a ton of time and energy. Your autoresponder tells people when they’ve left something in their shopping cart, triggers your newsletter, and more. It will only serve you, though, if you write messages that eventually convert your readers. Here's how to create an autoresponder series that generates sales.

First, Plan Your Series

You need to have a thorough plan for your autoresponder series. Every strategy needs a goal. Before you ever write a single word of your emails, find the answers to these questions and set a goal. With intent, you can create an email autoresponder series that helps you accomplish tasks like building trust, generating sales, getting people to signup for your course or download your eBook.

Who is your target reader? What problems does this reader have? How can you help them solve their problems? Use the answers to help you strategize before you create a flowchart. Your flowchart should visually map out the order in which readers will receive your emails.

How Can Your Autoresponder Series Increase Conversions?

Your email marketing objectives will vary based on your company’s needs. Here are some ideas for different types of email autoresponder series that will help you increase conversions. Use these ideas as they are relevant to your goals.

Offer a Free Mini-Course

When you’re attempting to grow your audience, free content is the key. A few years ago, everyone was passing out ebooks. Some still are, but interactivity and video are generating more and more hype. Video can increase purchase intent by 97%. By offering a free mini-course, delivered via email, you can attain your list-building objectives.

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Use Your Emails to Make Sales on Autopilot

Email is one of the most popular marketing tools for inbound sales. Use your autoresponder series to first build relationships with your readers, then ask for the sale. By using if/ then attribute triggers to send emails, you can determine which readers are most likely to purchase before you ever ask them to purchase. Only send the final sales email in your series to those who have actively engaged with previous emails and understand the solution that your product or service provides.

Introduce New Subscribers to Your Content

If your readers subscribe on your blog, you can assume that they like to read your posts. So, setup an RSS autoresponder that sends links to your content to new subscribers. This way, recipients will know right away and can explore your website whenever you post new content.

Follow up on Abandoned Carts

If you’re in eCommerce, you know that abandoned carts are a conversion killer. There are many reasons why shoppers might want to leave your site before following through on a sale. But, you can get them back with a little nudge via email. Setup an autoresponder series that’s triggered by an abandoned shopping cart to get the reader back to make a purchase.

Then, Write Your Emails

After you know what you want to accomplish, it’s time to write your emails. For each message, there is a set of elements you should include. These may seem obvious, but they’re critical for every message:

  1. Your Recipient’s Name
  2. A Personalized, Helpful Message
  3. Your Call to Action (CTA)
  4. Real Contact Information for the Sender
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Personalize each email wherever it is relevant – always greet the reader by name. Use the body text to solve a problem. Tell the reader what to do next. Conclude with contact information where the sender can be reached if necessary.

Finally, Set it and Forget it

When you need to write an autoresponder series, the first step is planning. In this phase, you set goals and plan out the flow of your emails. You can create a series of emails that directs people to different parts of a mini-course, nurtures sales, notifies readers of new content, or notifies shoppers of an abandoned cart. Be sure to include all of the necessary elements of a strong business email.

Have you ever created a successful email autoresponder series? If so, feel free to share your best tips and tricks in the comments below.

Janice Kersh is a freelance content writer, now working for the Essay Writer company. In her spare time, she likes traveling, cooking and reading the newest sci-fi novels.


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