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How to Save Money Like a Millionaire- [Infographic]

What is financial success? For some of us, it’s winning the lottery. For others, it’s breaking the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. While financial prosperity is not the only indicator of a successful career, we can all agree that achieving millionaire status would be wonderful. The thing is, if you examine the most famous self-made billionaires, you’ll start to ...

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The 15 Email Optimization Hacks to Kickstart Your Marketing Campaign

Most people ignore how powerful a simple email message can be when it comes to improving your next marketing campaign. The strength of email lies behind how widespread it is – everyone has an online address that they check regularly, and by utilizing this channel to get to your client, you can get some pretty impressive results and expand your ...

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Time Management Best Practices for the Busy Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Time is the most precious thing that we have. We only have a limited supply, and worse, it expires every second. However, it’s not always the limitation that’s the issue, it’s how you spend your time well in the more important things. As an entrepreneur, being stuck in the same cycle of doing and accomplishing every task then get exhausted ...

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Apps that Help from Dusk to Dawn [Infographic]

Mobile phones are very important these days and no one can deny the importance they are playing in day to day life. This is so because phones are no longer the ordinary communication device it used to be. It has become the unexpected point of attention for people and businesses, courtesy of the various incredible features and opportunities that mobile ...

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Same Day vs Next Day Delivery: What’s the Difference?

It’s not strange to hear stories of online store customers getting antsy when they fail to receive their orders a mere 24 hours after placing it. To some, it may sound preposterous, but consumers have been used to convenience that it’s not really impossible anymore to get an order just a day after making the purchase. Both traditional and e-commerce ...

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The Art and Science of Delegation- [Infographic]

As your business grows, so are your responsibilities. One of the most common mistakes that small business owners are continuously doing is putting all the responsibilities and decision making efforts on their hands, which affects the quality of work and relationship they have with their clients. Whether you admit it or not, as an entrepreneur, you have limits too. One ...

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Sales Training Fails [Infographic]

The simplest way to understand the importance of sales training is to picture it as a metaphor. Think of your salesforce as pencils and sales training as a sharpener. It’s difficult to write with a blunt pencil that is why we sharpen it but using an equally blunt sharpener won’t sharpen a blunt pencil. Your company’s salesforce, especially the new ...

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How to Learn from Traditional Marketing Strategies [Infographic]

Much like the old adage, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” human understanding is an undertaking that we will likely never get on top of. It has taken billions of lifetimes to reach the point where we are in the process of human knowledge and understanding — and it certainly is a process. Knowledge is an additive process that we ...

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5 Problems Billionaires Could Solve [Infographic]

If you think a secret society of billionaires are going to come together to solve your financial issues, don’t hold your breath. However, as the infographic below from Self Lender shows, if they really wanted to, billionaires could solve major money problems in the US. And it might be for their benefit. If they wanted to, billionaires could dip into ...

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The Wage Gap Between Self-employed Men and Women is What?! [Infographic]

You’d think that in the self-employed workers’ category the pay gap between women and men would be much lower than it is in larger companies. Sadly, FreshBooks research shows a 28% wage gap between self-employed women and men. Find out why this is the case, and discover many more related insights in this interesting article with accompanying infographic.

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