The Anatomy of a Top-Notch E-commerce Website

E-commerce is here to stay. With e-commerce retail sales expected to soar to approximately $27 trillion by 2020, it’s not surprising that companies are trying to get a slice of the pie by establishing their own e-commerce business.

To run an e-commerce company, you’ll need a website that can serve as your marketing and sales tool. A website will enable you to promote your goods or services using the information you provide to consumers. Your site also gives you a platform to directly sell your products to online users and communities.

These functionalities make your website your business’s primary source of revenue. As such, it needs to be done or set up the right way. What things should you put on your website and where should you place them? How can you make it easy for your customers to navigate and explore your site?

Find out the answers to these and more from the following infographic, which lets you in on the essentials of establishing a top-performing e-commerce website for your brand and your customers.

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