Entrepreneur v. Consumer Mindset [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you dreamt of becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are different. They have a different of thinking, a different way of perceiving the reality around them. They’re pattern interrupters with altruistic qualities. They innovate and create opportunities for others.

By comparison, the typical consumer is miles away in terms of mindset. In this context, we’re referring to people that tend to think transactionally about things.

Our society encourages a transactional way of living. We’re a culture that’s consumed by consumption. Many of us are obsessed with material possessions that don’t make us happy, yet we’re still willing to trample over people to save $100 on a TV on Black Friday.

This obsession with consumption has led to the depletion of organic resources on our planet. Gluttonous indulgence is detrimental to anyone’s financial situation.

Why most entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom

Financial freedom is the ultimate achievement for most of us in the western world. Having the ability to set your own schedule and enjoy huge amounts of freedom and flexibility is extremely special.

Despite the incredible opportunities we all have available to us, most people are stuck in debt and barely have $400 to rub together in case of emergency. We’re talking 46% of middle-class American can’t cough up $400 if something came up.

A shocking statistic that’s a testament to the mainstream school of thought when it comes to personal finances.

Entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom because they understand the principles of money. They know how to make money work for them in the form of passive income. You’d be surprised to know that the internet if packed full of passive income ideas.

But most people never get started. Why? Because they assume it’s too good to be true, they’re too scared to fail or they’re just downright lazy.

We created this infographic to illustrate the stark differences between an entrepreneurial mindset and one of a typical consumer….


It’s interesting to see the differences between successful entrepreneurs and people that tend to struggle through their problems instead of rising above them. Obviously, these traits aren’t a hard and fast rule.

There are plenty of entrepreneurs that suffer from many of the negative traits listed in the second part of the graphic. But the aim of this infographic is to provide some perspective on the mental differences of successful people compared to the ones that tend to struggle.

One of the most powerful traits for me is when people view courage and effort as a path to mastery. This is something i’m experiencing myself. And I know that without courage, I wouldn’t have started in the first place.

Without courage, you won’t even start your journey.

Something that everyone must overcome is their fear of failure. In our western society, we seem to have this obsession with perfection. We see these heroes and characters on TV and assume we need to start off at the same level.

This obsession with perfection stops so many people from starting in the first place.

The very nature of being human implies imperfection, so embrace your perfectly imperfect skills, quirks and qualities and take a leap into the unknown. You never know where it’ll take you!


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