Brain Drain [INFOGRAPHIC] – Companies Mining for Mind Power in Silicon Valley

Companies around the world are mining for mind power in Silicon Valley.

Putting it all in perspective (in the US):

  • 462: approximate number of currently active US venture capital firms (investing at least $5 million in companies)
  • 1,022: number of venture firms in year 2000, firms at the height of the tech bubble.
  • $149 million: average venture fund size.
  • $176.7 billion: dollar amount spent by venture firms from 2000-2010
  • $3.1 trillion: According to the 2011 Venture Impact study, originally venture-backed companies accounted for 11.87 million jobs and over $3.1 trillion in revenue in the United States (based on 2010 data). Those totals compare to 21% of GDP and 11% of private sector employment.

FACT: In 2010, venture capitalists invested approximately $22 billion into nearly 2,749 companies. Of these, 1,001 companies received funding for the first time.

Brain Drain
Source: TopComputerScienceDegrees.com



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