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Social Media Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

Social media is here to stay. However, it’s not very easy to understand all the time. Just like foreign languages, each site has different nuances, image size requirements, shortcuts, optimal days and times to post, must use tools and more. This infographic from On Blast Blog, focuses on the social media sites Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Updated ...

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127 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Video Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Video marketing is huge. Due to advancements in technology, now anyone with a smartphone and reliable internet can consume video very quickly. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, social media sites and programs are one of the best ways that people consume videos. Below is an infographic from our friends at Website Builder about interesting facts you may ...

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How The Big Business Uses The Emotional Power of Logos [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic from Finances-Online.com looks at the world of logos and how some of the largest brands from Nike to Twitter and Nokia came up with their logo. Here are some interesting statistics: BBC ’97 logo redesign cost $2million while Nike logo was designed by a student and cost ONLY $35! 2-years-olds can already link a product with its logo in ...

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The Small Business Guide to Twitter

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).

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Best of Posts from Teach a CEO in 2012

The year is quickly coming to a close and while entrepreneurs and business owners are preparing for 2013, at CEO Blog Nation and Teach a CEO we are taking a look back at the top posts from Teach a CEO. Included in this compilation is step-by-step videos on how to create everything from a Facebook Fan Page to creating a ...

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The Top 9 Social Networks for Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic from Media Bistro features the top 9 social networks for entrepreneurs and business owners and the features and general information about each of these networks. The infographic covers Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Google +, Instagram, Tumblr, and Foursquare. Image Credit: University of Arizona

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How to Upload a Header Image to Your Twitter Profile

Twitter announced that they are adding a header image to their Twitter profile. We covered the changes on our site. Here is a step-by-step guide to how to change your own profile. Sign into your Twitter Profile Select the image that looks like a gear from the drop down menu left-click “Settings.” On the left menu left-click “Design.” Scroll down ...

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How Marketers Are Using Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media is the future and it is still currently inventing itself and changing marketing. This infographic by SEOmoz and HubSpot reveals how marketers are leveraging social media. Interesting statistics from the infographic: 44.4% of survey respondents self-professed either “advanced” or “expert” level social media ability 74.1% of marketers use LinkedIn for branding 60.2% of marketers are looking for analysis ...

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How To Use Twitter Hashtags

What is a hashtag and how can it help me? A hashtag is the pound sign (#) followed, without a space, by a word or a phrase.  Twitter uses the hashtag as a way to make posts more searchable.  So, if you have a tweet about your upcoming jewelry sale, and you use #sale #jewelry #jewerlysale or other likely combination, ...

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How Do You Use Twitter?

Some entrepreneurs have hailed Twitter as the entrepreneurial “sliced bread.”  Entrepreneurs are using Twitter in so many different ways (e.g. networking, communication with customers, marketing). But we want to know how do you use Twitter? Q: Entrepreneurs! How Do You Use Twitter? 1. To Link Twitter With Facebook My Facebook fan page is linked to my Twitter and any time ...

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