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Is The Business Plan Dead? 15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on a Business Plan and Its Future

The best way to write and describe the future of a business is through a business plan. The process of creating a one can range from a simple business plan to a detailed plan involving things such as extensive research and strategic marketing plan. However, despite the good associated with business plans, such as attracting financier, some entrepreneurs believe that ...

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CEO’s Can Learn a Lot from Prisons, Or at Least the Best Ones

The biggest challenge to any business (or prison) is managing behavior.  People are who they are and do what they want to do despite our best efforts to corral them into a form that will serve the business.  It isn’t that they don’t support the business goals but they have their own patterns and habits; and without a real behavior strategy in place, even the best ...

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Next Generation Workforce [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic called ‘The Next Generation Workforce’ from Office Principles aesthetically represents the way in which an employer should think outside the box in order to create a more welcoming workplace for the next generation of employees.

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The Small Business Guide to Twitter

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).

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Create Snackable Content [Infographic]

by Imageworkers. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

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Social Media Marketing Plans [INFOGRAPHIC]

This guest post is courtesy of The Creative Group  

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How to Ensure Your Startup’s Survival [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic is courtesy of Salesforce Via: Salesforce for Small Business

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How to Use Google Analytics to the Fullest

Guest post courtesy of David Byrne —- Google Analytics is a free tool which allows websites to easily track visitors and conversions. It’s very widely used, some studies have put usage at 60% of the entire internet and 80% of sites that has some sort of tracking installed, but most people don’t make the most of it. If you’re interested ...

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How to Share on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sharing is caring and Compendium has compiled data to create an infographic to help entrepreneurs and business owners reach their customers. The infographic distinguishes between Business to Business social sharing and Business to Consumer.  Compendium – The Content Marketing Platform

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Entrepreneurs Bookshelf–Small Biz Books to Add to Your Library

You’ve heard you are what you eat, well we believe that you are what you read. Teach a CEO presents lessons from our bookshelf on how you can improve and grow your venture. We have taken nuggets from our library and provide them for entrepreneurs and business owners. Be Exceptional “You must be the exception to the rule. Seek out new frontiers. ...

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