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When Bankruptcy Makes Cents [INFOGRAPHIC]

This guest post is courtesy of Doan Law Firm Created by Doan Law.  

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Doug Bend – Legal Tips For Entrepreneurs

December 28, 2012: Please Note Doug Bend is the founder of the Bend Law Group, PC formerly known as The Law Office of Doug Bend Special Guest: Doug Bend Business: Bend Law Group, PC Doug Bend Bend is the founder of Bend Law Group, PC, a law firm focused on start-ups and small businesses. He is also the General Counsel for Modify Industries, Inc. and tIFc LLC and ...

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Mid-Year Start-up/Small Business Checklist

Now that we’ve reached the mid-way point of 2011, it’s the perfect time to revisit the financial and tax end of your small business or startup! Too often, business owners wait until the end of the year to think about taxes, but if they take a closer look sooner in the year, they can reap the benefits for the current ...

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Entrepreneurs, Don’t Forget To Incorporate!

You’ve got it! Your million dollar idea has finally come to you.  The best thing since sliced bread.  You’ve told everyone you know and everyone loves your portable music player idea called Apple Pear A-Pod or maybe it’s your new operating system called Windows Curtains Vista. Regardless of where your entrepreneurial spirit leads you, there is a vital step that ...

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