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Entrepreneurs Should (Or Shouldn’t) Go To College

There has certainly been a shift towards how people view college education.  With the rising costs of education, there has been debate about the value of college education.  Should you skip college altogether? Look into online colleges?  For entrepreneurs that don't necessarily need the “book knowledge” some question the importance or relevance of college.

Q: Do aspiring entrepreneurs really need college?  Is it worth it? Why or why not?

I strongly believe that if a young entrepreneur is passionate about an idea, they should skip college and jump right into the real world. Time is of the essence. Real life business experience is far a more valuable education than learning from a book. Not only did I skip college, I convinced my parents to pay me $10,000 because they didn't have to pay for my education! How's that for entrepreneurial?

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What people fail to mention, is that you can't let schooling get in the way of your education. Schooling is what you're being taught, and an education is what you've learned. College isn't for everyone, but there are certifications, plenty of literature in the library, and tons of experience online to get you started. Entrepreneurship is more about having the right idea, the best chances possible in your life of making money, and boundless enthusiasm for your work, than it is about having gone to the right college. Not everybody with a degree from Harvard becomes a millionaire or a senator. I do however recommend taking a few classes of sociology and psychology, and reading up on your philosophy. The rest of it comes down to: Will people like your idea? Do you have the ability to make your prototype? And do you have the time and money to get it out there?

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Yes.  While it's easy to point out the successful outliers that have famously dropped out of college to become business leaders, the majority of business owners that don't have an education are tactical leaders that often struggle to see the larger picture of their market and industry. Regardless of the major or course of study, a college education at it's most relevant teaches a person how to think and how to solve problems.  In some ways, an entrepreneur that goes straight into business when they have the opportunity to get a college education is like the child actor who catapults quickly into stardom.

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Yes and no. Going to college helps you build time management skills, a good work ethic, and the ability to do your own research. Once you have those skills, you'll need to do a ton more research on your own, especially if you're working in a different field than your degree is in.

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Yes, you go to college. Anyone who thinks otherwise is foolish. The college dropout success stories are the exception, not the rule. You learn about life and relationships and many other things just from being at college. You make relationships which can help you along your entreprenurial ways. Most entreprenuers start out as employees somewhere learning the ropes of the business world, earning some money and gaining knowledge. Go to college!!!

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The education result from college aside, going to college is still worth your while with everything you learn outside the classroom. Working hard–staying up late is something you need to get accustomed to if entrepreneurship is in your future. The social skills attained in college are invaluable and absolutely crucial in becoming an adult in the working world. From the relationship you share with your professors or with your buds, what you learn from the people that surround you and the experiences you have, college helps to shape you into the entrepreneur you can someday be.

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