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Entrepreneur U: School for Startups [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic from Great Business Schools focuses on the history of entrepreneurship in schools, tips for picking problems, signs you’re an entrepreneur, entrepreneurial facts, and the top entrepreneurs who went to college (even if it was briefly). Source: GreatBusinessSchools.org

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The University Entrepreneurship [INFOGRAPHIC]

A recently published report from the AccountingDegree.com reveals which universities graduate the most entrepreneurs and how much funding these alumni get from investors and venture capitalists. Brought to you by: AccountingDegree.com

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Entrepreneurs Should (Or Shouldn’t) Go To College

There has certainly been a shift towards how people view college education.  With the rising costs of education, there has been debate about the value of college education.  Should you skip college altogether? Look into online colleges?  For entrepreneurs that don’t necessarily need the “book knowledge” some question the importance or relevance of college. Q: Do aspiring entrepreneurs really need ...

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The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business (Book Review)

Title: The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business By: Josh Kaufman Pages: 416 Twitter Review: The author scoured hundreds of business books and created maybe the most comprehensive business book there is. A must read. Complete Review: This is quite possibly the most comprehensive business book there is. Perhaps the only book I’d recommend to all MBA students. The author, self ...

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