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Relaxed Entrepreneurs

The nonstop hours and 24/7 mentality can begin to get to entrepreneurs.  Pursing your passion and trying to change the world can begin to become an extremely demanding experience.  Entrepreneurs can begin to slow down and get frustrated, but there is a way out for entrepreneurs.  There is a way that entrepreneurs can wind down so the hustle and bustle ...

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Entrepreneurs Should (Or Shouldn’t) Go To College

There has certainly been a shift towards how people view college education.  With the rising costs of education, there has been debate about the value of college education.  Should you skip college altogether? Look into online colleges?  For entrepreneurs that don’t necessarily need the “book knowledge” some question the importance or relevance of college. Q: Do aspiring entrepreneurs really need ...

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Focused Entrepreneurs

Focus can distinguish a successful entrepreneur from someone that just can’t get it done.  Sometimes the unfocused person jumps from task to task and project to project without a specific plan or purpose.  However, the entrepreneur that is able to focus and put his or her time and energy into a project is usually more successful. So, how do entrepreneurs ...

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How Do You Come Up With A Business Name? – Part 1

Entrepreneurs have a split second to make an impression. Literally that quick and it’s gone. Usually that opportunity comes when you hear the question “So what’s the name of your business?” It might be a new brand or a marketing plan, but we want to know how did you make that tough decision.  Q: ENTREPRENEURS! HOW DID YOU COME UP ...

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How Do You Stretch Your Money?

Things are tough right now. Entrepreneurs, we want to hear the things you do to save money for your business. How do you make a dollar out of 15 cents? Q: ENTREPRENEURS! HOW DO YOU STRETCH YOUR MONEY? 1. Re-invest in Advertising A: Input a small amount, however you manage to set aside, to pump back into the business for ...

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