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Increase Your Word Power #1

BELL comes from the Latin word meaning “war.” Bellona was the little-known Roman goddess of war; her husband, Mars, was the god of war.

  • Antebellum – existing before a war, specially before the American Civil War (1861-65). (When World War I was over, the French nobility found it impossible to return to their extravagant antebellum way of life.)
  • Bellicose – Warlike, aggressive, quarrelsome. (The country often elected the more bellicose party after a period of tension along the border, hoping the military action would result.)
  • Belligerence – Aggressiveness, combativeness.  (The belligerence in Turner’s voice told them that the warning was a serious threat.)
  • Rebellion – Open defiance and opposition, sometimes armed to a person or thing in authority.   (The substitute teacher attempted to end the student rebellion by insisting on absolute quiet.)

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Vocabulary Builder


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