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Increase Your Word Power #4

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AM/IM comes from the Latin word amare, “to love.” Amiable means “friendly or good-natured,” and amigo is Spanish for “friend.”

Amicable:  friendly, peaceful.  Their relations with their in-laws were generally amicable, despite some bickering during the holidays.

Enamored: charmed or fascinated; inflamed with love.  Rebecca quickly became enamored of the town’s rustic surroundings, its slow pace, and its eccentric characters.

Inimical: hostile, unfriendly, or harmful.  This latest report, like so many earlier ones, found that too great a concern with test scores was inimical to a broad education.

Paramour: A lover, often secret, not allowed by law or custom.  He was her paramour for many years before she finally divorced her husband.

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