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Business Plan 101: Overall Schedule

An overall schedule is a schedule that shows investors when management or leadership plans to attain their goals and what milestones that they have planned. These milestones were addressed in other parts of the business plan and are critical to the success of the company. An excellent overall schedule will demonstrate to investors that that management has set a realistic ...

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Business Plan 101: Management and Organization

If you are writing your business plan in order to raise funds, then the organization and management section of the plan will be the most important section you can write.  Potential investors take a lot of stock from what you write in these sections so be thorough and straight to the point.  The success of the company is often tied ...

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Business Plan 101: The Market & the Competitors

This part of the business plan is also known as the market analysis and illustrates and explores your industry and market knowledge (such as competitors) along with any research finding of conclusions. Here are the relevant sections of this section: Industry Description & Outlook: Take a snapshot of your industry and provide a description including current size, history, growth rates, ...

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Business Plan 101: Products & Services

This section is an opportunity for your to describe in depth your products and services. There should be an emphasis on the benefits to potential and current customers. Also, ensure that your focus on the particular niche that your product and/or service fulfills for your ideal customer. Included in this section should be: A Description of Your Product/Service In this ...

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Did You Write A Business Plan? Why or Why Not?

At CEO Blog Nation, June is Back to the Basic Month. In celebration of the month, Teach A CEO is covering the different aspects of the business plan. There is an ongoing debate about the business plan about whether the 30 page business plan is extinct. Some experts even advocate skipping the business plan all together and get to developing and ...

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Business Plan 101: General Company Description

The general company description is the first part of the business plan that will actually be written. This section follows the executive summary and is the second part of the business plan. This section provides a general direction of the business and outlines the company for potential investors or potential partners. In this section you can include details about your ...

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Business Plan 101: Executive Summary

Your executive summary is typically the first thing an investor or bank will look at prior to investing or granting a business loan. The executive summary should highlight the strengths of your plan and is the last section written of the business plan. It typically one or two pages, and it should be concise and precise. Although experts disagree on ...

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Sections of A Business Plan: Business Plan 101

Although a long-lengthy business plan has recently come under fire as not being necessary, the business plan is still a vital part of any business. It is the culmination of all your hard work and homework. The business plan allows entrepreneurs to methodically think through business ideas and prepare for potential pitfalls, competitors and more. Teach A CEO understands the ...

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