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4 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on The Future of Business Plan

Can the traditional business plan adopt to the changing market and consumer trends? What does the future hold in the use of business plans? The truth is the importance of having a business plan cannot be underrated. They help in mapping the future of a business, support its growth and develop a course of action. We asked entrepreneurs and business owners ...

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Is The Business Plan Dead? 15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on a Business Plan and Its Future

The best way to write and describe the future of a business is through a business plan. The process of creating a one can range from a simple business plan to a detailed plan involving things such as extensive research and strategic marketing plan. However, despite the good associated with business plans, such as attracting financier, some entrepreneurs believe that ...

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Your Small Business Plan: Before You Write It, Read This

As a small business entrepreneur, you’re very possibly in possession of something very valuable – a great idea. To make the most of that idea, you need to be able to communicate it crisply to potential investors, clients and employees. This is where a knockout business plan comes into play. Once you have one, you have the road map for ...

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25 Business Tips for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Business Owners [Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf]

You’ve heard you are what you eat, well we believe that you are what you read. We receive hundreds of books to read to help out entrepreneurs and business owners but more than just offering a chance to hear about a book we believe we want you to walk away with some wisdom just like we did from reading these ...

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Business Plan 101: Appendix

The appendix is the part of the business plan where you can add anything that is longer than 2 pages that was discussed or referenced in other sections of the business plan. The appendix contains documents such as receipts, bank statements, copies of documents, pictures, tax returns, inventory assessments and personal and business credit history information. The information that is placed ...

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Business Plan 101: Technology Plan

The purpose of the technology plan is to put into place a design of how technology will be used in your company and what types of technology is needed.  Keep in mind when writing this plan, how the company might grow in the future so that whatever decisions you make today will be flexible enough to grow and change tomorrow. ...

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Business Plan 101: Financial Plan

The financial section of a business plan or the financial plan is not about showing accounting.  It is about financial projections and how those projections are going to be reached. An accounting plan is looking back in time to the historical view of how goals were reached, while the financial planning section of the business plan is about looking forward. ...

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Business Plan 101: Financial History

The financial history is the last financial statement that needs to be in your business plan. It is an overall summary of the financial disposition of your company from start to finish. The financial history will vary depending upon if you have a new business or if you have an established business. The information that is included in this document ...

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Business Plan 101: Personal Financial Statement

A personal financial statement is very similar to a business financial statement. It will calculate the total value of you as an individual so that you can track your financial progress.  It is a good indication of how your business is progressing because the business entity should be the largest financial entity on the statement. Another name for this is ...

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Business Plan 101: Critical Risks and Problems

When starting a business, it is understood that there are risks and problems associated with development. The business plan should contain some assumptions about these factors. If your investors discover some unstated negative factors associated with your company or its product, then this can cause some serious questions about the credibility of your company and question the monetary investment. If ...

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