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Outsourcing and Virtual Assistants – the real story

Virtual delegation, or outsourcing to virtual assistants, is all the rage at the moment. Online gurus are telling you that it’s the ‘smart’ way to run an online business, and that the more you invest in virtual assistants, the more time you’ll have to yourself by freeing your daily schedule of all those annoying little jobs that need doing. Why ...

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This Weekend, Follow CEO Blog Nation on Instagram

If you haven’t heard, CEO Blog Nation is on Instagram capturing entrepreneurship and telling the story of business owners in photos. Check out @CEOBlogNation on Instagram. Check out one of this week’s photos: Entrepreneur’s Library #reblog @devoted2beauty #iamceo #readinginstagr.am/p/QE5mUQwpk5/ — CEO Blog Nation (@CEOBlogNation) September 27, 2012  

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Celebrate Entrepreneurs During Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15th to October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month. As a thank you for the entrepreneurial contributions and innovations in the Hispanic community, Teach a CEO and CEO Blog Nation would like to provide some statistics related to the Hispanic community:   According to the U.S. Census, Hispanic-owned businesses are growing at double the national rate. (HispanicPR Blog) Growing at ...

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Failing Gracefully: Infographic

Being an entrepreneur or small business owner can often be the most difficult thing that a person does in his or her life. To be a successful business owner is even tougher. This infographic is courtesy OnlineMBA.com. Interesting statistics include: Since the mid 90s, small businesses have created 60-80% of new employment The average technology entrepreneur has a middle-class background, ...

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The Billionaire College Dropout Infographic

This Infographic is courtesy South New Hampshire University and discusses whether foregoing education and following your dreams to become an entrepreneur is a better option. Related Post: CEO Lesson #1: Dream Big & Then Do It Related Post: Entrepreneurs Should (Or Shouldn’t) Go to College Presented By SNHU.EDU Online College

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6 Bold Tips for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners from William Parrish

William S. Parrish the founder of NobleStrategy, LLC, a Metropolitan New York and New Jersey based company focused on delivering professional construction management services consisting of owner’s reprensentative coverage, project inspection, estimating, safety analysis, scheduling and project/program/technology management to public and private entities in the K-12 education, civic and corporate sectors. Parrish’s business generated $2 Million in sales and he ...

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Creative Thinkering (Book Review)

Title: Creative Thinkering; Putting Your Imagination to Work Author: Michael Michalko Pages: 232   NOTABLE QUOTES “Our attitudes influence our behavior, but our behavior also influences our attitude.” “Don’t be the person who sees the sun as a yellow spot in the sky, be the person who sees a yellow spot on a grimy sidewalk as the sun.” “The swirling ...

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Adding Swagger To An Entrepreneur’s Kitchen

German Lam Top chef turned cooking coach German Lam from Glam Foods motivates people to live better by changing the way they cook and eat. He is a hockey dad who knows what busy is. He believes that food is the fuel that keeps families moving. When they eat well, they can achieve more. German promotes “free style cooking,” which allows for ...

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Be A Benevolent Dictator (Book Review)

Title: The Benevolent Dictator Author: Michael Feuer and Dustin S. Klein Pages: 254 NOTABLE QUOTES “The difference between success and failure is often simply a matter of getting started” “Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur” “It’s better to be good than just lucky”  “Business is a series of “GO” and “NO-GO” decisions SUMMARY The book is written by two authors ...

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Focused Entrepreneurs

Focus can distinguish a successful entrepreneur from someone that just can’t get it done.  Sometimes the unfocused person jumps from task to task and project to project without a specific plan or purpose.  However, the entrepreneur that is able to focus and put his or her time and energy into a project is usually more successful. So, how do entrepreneurs ...

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