AI is Here, So Get Used to It- [Infographic]

It’s been five years since the chatbot Eugene Goostman beat the Turing Test. AI is already on the path to becoming more human-like, and it’s getting more advanced every day.

The Turing Test dates back to the forties, showing that AI is not exactly the modern concept that we thought it was. You can see for yourself the exact progression of AI in the infographic below.

What’s interesting, though, is that the tech has advanced more in the last decade than at any other point in its extensive history.

Thanks to the movies, we generally associate AI with intelligent robots. We tend to forget that this intelligence is thanks to a computer program. Only about a third of consumers believe that they’re using a platform based on AI. The truth of the matter is that the real figure is more than double that at 77%.

Not convinced? Have you searched for something online recently? If so, you’ve most certainly used AI. Search engines have incorporated it into search algorithms to ensure better results. AI is also present in several different programs (such as accountancy software) that automate mundane tasks.

 Check out the infographic below to find more information.

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