The Truth About Mentors- Mentee Relationships In 2019- [Infographic]

Many successful people attribute part of their professional development to having a mentor in the workplace.

To try and learn more about workplace mentor/mentee relationships, Olivet Nazarene University recently surveyed 3,000 people about their professional mentor-mentee relationships to see what they look like in 2019.

The study found that while an overwhelming majority of people want mentors (76%), currently only 37% have a workplace mentor. The survey found that people with mentors are happier at their current jobs than those without mentors.

The survey then focused in on the following aspects of the mentor/mentee relationship:

  • Have you ever had a professional mentor?
  • Do you have a mentor now?
  • How experienced are people who have mentors?
  • The industries with the most mentors
  • How did the mentor-mentee relationship start?
  • The average length of current relationships
  • Average time spent talking per month as well as the frequency of in person meetings
  • Whether or not people work in the same company/industry as their mentor
  • Whether the mentor was the same gender as you

The full analysis on mentors can be seen here and in the graphic below.

The Truth About Mentors


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