The Mom-and-Pop Shop Isn’t Dead- [Infographic]

The mom-and-pop shop, perhaps the most classic of all the small business types, is far from dead. Even in the face of competition from big box retailers and online shopping options, mom-and-pop shops (typically small, family-owned storefronts and restaurants), have continued to flourish.

Beyond providing personalized in-person shopping experiences that can’t quite be replicated by competitors, mom-and-pop shops strengthen their local economies while adding unique character to their surroundings. Even though the outlook seems positive for these small businesses, current and aspiring mom-and-pop shop owners are tasked with finding ways to stay competitive against larger retailers. That’s why Fundera has put together this list below of tips to help your mom-and-pop shop succeed against big retailers.

How Your Mom & Pop Shop Can Succeed Against Big Retailers



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