Same Day vs Next Day Delivery: What’s the Difference?

It’s not strange to hear stories of online store customers getting antsy when they fail to receive their orders a mere 24 hours after placing it. To some, it may sound preposterous, but consumers have been used to convenience that it’s not really impossible anymore to get an order just a day after making the purchase.

Both traditional and e-commerce stores understand this desire, and fortunately for the customers, couriers stepped up to the plate to offer quicker delivery options compared to the standard one of 2–5 business days. Buyers now prefer next-day and same-day shipping even though both may entail additional costs, perhaps due to the possibility that some of these orders are immediate needs.

While they may sound alike, there are significant differences between these two shipping choices. Know which option is the best for your orders with this infographic that compares and contrasts same-day vs next-day deliveries.    


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