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This infographic from Affordable Online Colleges captures the changes in people viewing cable television and where people are spending their time instead of watching TV.

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Top Challenges for Executives When Developing Job Descriptions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Writing an effective job description is no easy task, a new survey by The Creative Group suggests. When advertising and marketing executives were asked to name the greatest challenge when developing one, the top response was “identifying the necessary interpersonal and soft skills.” The next biggest stumbling blocks: separating essential versus preferred duties and accurately describing job responsibilities. Full survey results at creativegroup.mediaroom.com/job-description-dilemmas.

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Getting Started with Your Company Website

Building a company website can be a bit of a daunting task. Most entrepreneurs aren’t particularly well versed in web design or programming, which can lead to some pretty short sighted quick fix solutions that end up being inferior in the long term. With a little research and planning, you can make sure that you get off on the right ...

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State of Business Ethics in the U.S. [INFOGRAPHIC]

More Americans are finding work, which is good news. The bad news? We may not be behaving ourselves while we’re there. Reports of workplace ethics lapses are dropping, but backlash against those who speak out is rising – and there are more ominous signs on the horizon. Via: BOLT Insurance

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Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf: Think Like Zuck

You’ve heard you are what you eat, well we believe that you are what you read. Teach a CEO presents lessons from our bookshelf on how you can improve and grow your venture. We have taken nuggets from our library and provide them for entrepreneurs and business owners. The tips from this bookshelf are from Think Like Zuck: The Five Business Secrets ...

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Preparing for Management through Education

Owning your own small business may have been your dream since you were young. Now that you’ve realized your dream, it doesn’t mean that the ride is over yet. Being a small business owner and CEO puts more obligations on the table than ever. You no longer have “working hours”, as you are always on the clock – if not ...

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Best Degrees for Entrepreneurs? Business Owners Give Their Votes

Choosing a college degree is one of the most important decisions in a young person’s life. The task of simply being accepted into a college and then finding yourself trying to sort through the various fields of study can be confusing and daunting. For an entrepreneur, trying to discover the ideal degree can become a baffling chore when looking ahead ...

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10 Tips to Starting a Successful Business during College

The cost of attending college today can range from $30,000 – $60,000 a year. Unfortunately, the expense of earning a degree is forcing more and more students to juggle a full-time student workload with working a substantial number of hours off campus. In fact, about 40 percent of full-time and 73 percent of part-time college students ages 16 to 24 ...

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How Entrepreneurial Students Can Split Time between School and Business

Balancing the workload of a student with that of an entrepreneur is a heavy job for most people out there. Both are needed for greater success, but it might seem like a difficult road to go down. Those people actually experiencing this need a way to handle everything coming at them so that neither falls behind. Entrepreneurs like Dustin Ecton, ...

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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Drew Brees

Drew Brees, the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, recently captured a record for throwing a touchdown in 48 consecutive games breaking the record of Johnny Unitas. Last season, the Purdue alum set NFL records for most passing yards in a season (5,476), highest single-season completion percentage (71.2 percent) and most seasons with 5,000 yards passing (two — 2008 and 2011). ...

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