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Entrepreneur Bookshelf: Lessons from the Library

You’ve heard you are what you eat, well we believe that you are what you read. Teach a CEO presents lessons from our bookshelf on how you can improve and grow your venture. We have taken nuggets from our library and provide them for entrepreneurs and business owners. If you want to create that emotional connection that leads to sharing, there are ...

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How Google Search Works [FREE CLASS] [VIDEO] & [INFOGRAPHIC]

Search is powerful and it is the way that customers and clients find information. Google is offering individuals a great opportunity to learn about search and the power of it. This is not the first class on search, but another opportunity to be come a search guru. Google likens the web to a book with millions of pages. The search ...

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Crowdsourcing 101: All You Need to Know About Crowdsourcing

What Is Crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is one of the fastest-growing forms of online work. More and more companies are looking for the answer to the question, “What is crowdsourcing?” By making use of this fast and efficient way of completing a task, companies, research groups and other organizations can get work done much more quickly than was possible before. For many ...

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6 Bold Tips for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners from William Parrish

William S. Parrish the founder of NobleStrategy, LLC, a Metropolitan New York and New Jersey based company focused on delivering professional construction management services consisting of owner’s reprensentative coverage, project inspection, estimating, safety analysis, scheduling and project/program/technology management to public and private entities in the K-12 education, civic and corporate sectors. Parrish’s business generated $2 Million in sales and he ...

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Entrepreneurship Is Not As Risky As You Thought: Book Review – School for Startups

Book School for Startups: The Breakthrough Course for Guaranteeing Small Business Success in 90 Days or Less Authors’ Biographies Jim Beach is a serial entrepreneur, director of education at The Entrepreneur School, and founder of International Entrepreneurship. Chris Hanks is an entrepreneur and lecturer at the University of Georgia, where he teaches entrepreneurship at the Terry College of Business. David ...

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5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Study Online

Being an entrepreneur can be tough, but one of the ways that entrepreneurs can cultivate their skills and knowledge is through online education. Starting a business of your own is no simple task. It takes a lot of time and effort to research, evaluate and analyze all of the various aspects of a business start-up. When creating your own business ...

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Entrepreneurs Should (Or Shouldn’t) Go To College

There has certainly been a shift towards how people view college education.  With the rising costs of education, there has been debate about the value of college education.  Should you skip college altogether? Look into online colleges?  For entrepreneurs that don’t necessarily need the “book knowledge” some question the importance or relevance of college. Q: Do aspiring entrepreneurs really need ...

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Shark Tank Is School for Entrepreneurs

The popular show Shark Tank on ABC features entrepreneurs pitching for loan or capital from the sharks. More than just a show, it teaches entrepreneurs so many different lessons including the importance of knowing your financials and to never overvalue your business. Instead of chalk boards and dry erase boards, this time the professors are: Kevin Harrington, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin ...

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The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business (Book Review)

Title: The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business By: Josh Kaufman Pages: 416 Twitter Review: The author scoured hundreds of business books and created maybe the most comprehensive business book there is. A must read. Complete Review: This is quite possibly the most comprehensive business book there is. Perhaps the only book I’d recommend to all MBA students. The author, self ...

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Different Strokes Lesson In Entrepreneurship

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEwEtVBaLMw&feature=related[/youtube] Courtesy of Different Strokes Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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