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30 Entrepreneurs Reveal What Drives Them

Being an entrepreneur or business owner has its share of ups and downs. While the downs can be pretty low the ups always seem to triumph for a true entrepreneur at heart. Milestones are what entrepreneurs and business owners work towards. Once you finally reach a certain point then reflection can truly begin. Finding the motivation in growing your business keeps it from becoming stale in the long run. No matter which part you love most, loving them all is equally as important.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners about what drives them and here are the responses.

#1- Joy of helping clients

Photo Credit: Ross Jurewitz

I’ve always believed that the devil is in the details, and that’s probably why I chose the career that I did, as the answer to every question and the solution to every legal problem is always there, you just have to know-how, and where to look to find it. And finding the answers to those dilemmas and putting the pieces of every legal puzzle together to help my clients to get the justice that they deserve, that’s what drives me. That’s what makes me smile every time I walk into court.

Thanks to Ross Jurewitz, Jurewitz Law Group!

#2- Desire to be independent

Photo Credit: Bram Jansen

Many entrepreneurs find that being acknowledged for their efforts, whether via an award or satisfied clients, provides them with the motivation to keep going through the long days. I believe that the desire to be independent is by far the most popular of the entrepreneurial motives. Going it alone entails taking significant yet measured risks. You know how to put up a good strategy, but you're also aware that things change. Determination, as well as following your instincts, will be crucial to your success.

Thanks to Bram Jansen, VPN Alert!

#3- Desire for liberty

Photo Credit: Tim Davidson

The Independence Seeker's motivation for starting a company is his desire for freedom and flexibility. This sort of entrepreneur prefers a company that allows them to manage their own schedule rather than one that is controlled by them. If this describes you, you may be wanting to break free from the 9-to-5 grind and discover something that better suits your needs. You want a company that can move with the flow, adjust to change quickly, and doesn't stand in the way of your interests and activities. Overall, I believe that independence is the second most popular reason for entrepreneurs.

Thanks to Tim Davidson, Car Title Loan Lenders!

#4- Desire to be of value

Photo Credit: Tim Connon

What drives me is the difference I make in people's lives. I offer a product that provides their family the peace of mind they deserve to pay for their loved one's funeral costs. Saving my client's families from potential debt helps me realize how much of a difference I make in their lives. No one's family should be subject to a debt to pay for their loved one's final expenses. The fact that I get to make a difference in people's lives by providing this service is not only a privilege but a necessity.

Thanks to Tim Connon, Paramount Quote!

#5- Creating my own reality

Photo Credit: James Miller

Being an entrepreneur is about making decisions, watching them come to life, and then having to make another decision. It's about believing in the vision you have, not only for your business but for your life. It's about working long hours, feeling the burn, and then seeing your hard work come to fruition. It's about the satisfaction, the taste of success, the joy, and the freedom.

Thanks to James Miller, Photographer Touch!

#6- Desire to help others

Photo Credit: Jasen Edwards

My motivation stems from a strong desire to help my clients, and employees. This motivation is more essential to me than my paycheck, and it helps me stay focused on what matters most. My goal is to help real estate agents with buying and selling their properties. This effort has helped me in overcoming the same difficulties within myself, and I consider it my major purpose and moral responsibility to continue doing so to assist others. My motivation stems from prioritizing my people and clients over all else. When you are this committed to your mission, everything else will fall into place.

Thanks to Jasen Edwards, Agent Advice!

#7- Assisting in hiring problems

Photo Credit: Travis Lindemoen

When it comes to business, I am motivated by a desire to assist people in resolving recruiting issues that they are experiencing in their companies. We spend a significant amount of time conducting in-depth analyses of services that individuals require while hiring. We assist them in making their hiring decision. Seeing which pieces of the puzzle we can deliver to people is interesting. In addition, it's fascinating to discover areas where we could be doing more to assist others.

Thanks to Travis Lindemoen, Nexus IT Group!

#8- The satisfaction of sharing knowledge

Photo Credit: Cody Crawford

Building a community of avid car lovers and sharing important knowledge and resources with them is perhaps the number one driving force for us. While there are many websites out there that offer useful information about the latest cars and their prices, our passion revolves around creating unique content about cars that are actually helpful for people who simply love everything about automobiles. From guides around the best aftermarket mods to honest car reviews, we do our best to give our readers an unbiased take on everything car-related.

Thanks to Cody Crawford, Low Offset!

#9- Flexibility

Photo Credit: Veronica Miller

Dissatisfied with the demands of normal work, some entrepreneurs venture out on their own. Working long hours, pleasing bosses and clients, and repeating chores are all part of a high-level role. Being your own boss frees you from such restraints. This means you may work from home and set your own hours. Also, keep in mind that working your own hours does not always translate to working shorter hours or under less stress. As an entrepreneur, you'll find that you work harder, longer, and with fewer restrictions than you did as an employee, but it's still satisfying.

Thanks to Veronica Miller, VPN Overview!

#10- Making a positive impact

Photo Credit: Ivan Brozincevic

While personal success is one of my main incentives, nothing motivates me more than helping others be successful and find their own path. It's the main reason I created this business. For a good part of my life, I was told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, which I completely hated. I know many people feel the same, especially after the worst of the pandemic, and it's not easy to steer your life in a different direction. For that reason, for me, there's nothing better than knowing I'm making a positive impact in someone's life.

Thanks to Ivan Brozincevic, Free Affiliate Marketing Business!

#11- The joy of taking a risk

Photo Credit: Tiffany Payne

I believe that developing a successful business necessitates a high level of risk, and entrepreneurs enjoy taking chances! They live for thrills and adventure. They get chills from brainstorming fresh ideas and betting on their chances of success in their target market. They choose to handle high-stakes initiatives because they are confident in their ability to complete them. Whether these ventures end up being million-dollar success stories or utter flops that they regret, the process of betting on an idea and watching it grow makes ambitious entrepreneurs happy.

Thanks to Tiffany Payne, Replace Your Docs!

#12- Desire to succeed

Photo Credit: Anthony Mixides

Some people, I suppose, become entrepreneurs because they regard it as a necessary trip. Their earlier work experience or educational achievements have led them to understand that working for others is no longer a life for them. A fire in their hearts informs them that they have a significant mission in the world that transcends the realities of working. Entrepreneurs are driven by the desire to succeed and have control over their own futures. They have no restrictions on the number of earnings and opportunities they can gain by owning a firm.

Thanks to Anthony Mixides, Bond Media!

#13- Living up to the expectations of my family

Photo Credit: Karla Singson

Growing up poor in a developing country, I had lofty dreams. And my parents saw it, too. Despite so many hardships, they worked so hard to put me in good schools, and afford opportunities for me to stand out. Every time I hit a wall in my business, I always think of
the person my parents saw me be. A champion, a go-getter, a problem solver. Someone kind, and always works with a cheerful heart. It always is easy for me to rise to this kind of perception because it was ingrained in me from childhood. I wish other kids the same, whether or not they aspire to be a CEO.

Thanks to Karla Singson, Scalewind!

#14- Control over my schedule

Photo Credit: Sienna Harris

Having my own business gives me a more flexible lifestyle and schedule, so I don't feel like I'm running in circles on the corporate wheel. I can set my own goals, pick my partners, and face the results of the decisions. I get the job done without looking over my shoulder at how or when to finish the job. Being a business owner means hard work cause that flexible schedule may not happen right away. It's always a motivation knowing I am doing it for myself and my family and not for a distant boss or shareholder.

Thanks to Sienna Harris, iKissBags!

#15- Living my dream

Photo Credit: Sam Browne

What dr1ves me is the thought that I am already getting what I have always wanted – to have a business of my own, so no matter how hard it is sometimes, I have no business getting demotivated because I wanted this. I keep reminding myself that this is what I prayed for and now that I got it, I should embrace entrepreneurship fully with all its ups and downs. Really, what drives me is knowing that I am living my dream, every waking hour of my days.

Thanks to Sam Browne, Haro SEO!

#16- Sense of accomplishment

Photo Credit: Isla Sibanda

When I started this company a few years ago, I had a certain level of motivation that stemmed from my passion for digital technology and innovations. Today what drives me to work on my business is the sense of accomplishment that I get from knowing that I built a profitable business from scratch. The feeling of being valuable enough to provide reliable series to our customers and being armed with the resources to provide quality services are extremely motivating factors.

Thanks to Isla Sibanda, Privacy Australia!

#17- The passion to share positivity

Photo Credit: Chel Gacrama

What drives me daily is my passion to share positivity both online and offline. I am extremely fortunate that my day job consists of creating and curating content that uplifts people and inspires them to look at the bright side of life. The same goes with how I live my life every day. It gives me so much joy to see people smile and brighten up whenever I say something positive or inspiring. To be able to do that both in and out of work gives me such a fulfilling feeling.

Thanks to Chel Gacrama, Castnoble!

#18- Seeing the success of the team

Photo Credit: James Green

As I became more and more successful and my team grew, the thing that drove me to succeed was seeing the success of my team. I wanted to build something that my entire team could be successful at. Since making that mindset shift, our success has continued to grow. Business isn't just about you. It's about your team. Having that team mentality where you lift each other up will ensure you experience more success than you could've dreamed of when you first started a business. That is what gets me up in the mornings.

Thanks to James Green, Build a Head!

#19- To make my family proud

Photo Credit: Stephen Light

What drives me to do what I do as a business owner is my family and the need to make them proud. Their support, love, and encouragement help me keep driving towards my goals, and in return, I want to give them everything I possibly can. The people around us really give us strength, and I feel very blessed to have a family that’s behind me every step of the way. Running a business is incredibly hard work – every day isn’t an easy or good one, and sometimes you lose sight of what you’re driving for. My family makes everything clear again and keeps me pushing forward.

Thanks to Stephen Light, Nolah Mattress!

#20- A personal growth mindset

Photo Credit: Anjela Mangrum

I’ve always embraced whatever struggles have come my way and have believed that challenges and difficulties are meant to be overcome. Having firm faith in the concept that mistakes and failures are learning opportunities, I haven’t shied away from taking my fair share of risks during my entrepreneurship journey. It also helps to leverage anything, whether negative or positive, as a chance to grow and improve. This way, I’ve been able to drive my recruiting firm.

Thanks to Anjela Mangrum, Mangrum Career Solutions!

#21- Desire to create new things

Photo Credit: Adit Jain

For me, it has always been about creating new things. I appreciate how things come to life and add value to others. Throughout my IIT-Delhi days, creativity played heavily on my mind – on building and creating new things, trying to figure out ways to make people's lives easier and better. I’ve always enjoyed adding value to other people’s lives, The creation of something that will help millions of people across the globe kept me going, eventually leading to the inception of Leena AI.

Thanks to Adit Jain, Leena AI!

#22- Beating the competition

Photo Credit: Nick Drewe

It’s an incredibly exciting feeling when you know that you can offer more than even your biggest competitors and that competitive spirit is what drives me. It’s not really about beating anybody, it’s focusing on offering the best of the best for the consumer, and it’s so rewarding to be able to surpass their expectations. A competitive spirit can keep you on your toes and fight to give your audience the best experience possible, and ensure that you’re never falling into complacency.

Thanks to Nick Drewe, Wethrift!

#23- Supporting diverse populations

Photo Credit: Nirupa Netram

Being an attorney and executive who is also an immigrant, woman, and person of color has not always been an easy journey professionally. Many diverse individuals have similar experiences, but I believe we can work together to change the narrative. I want to help businesses in every industry create and sustain a positive workplace culture, where leadership optimizes individual talent and every person is valued, has a voice, and feels like they belong.

Thanks to Nirupa Netram, Lotus Solutions LLC!

#24- Working on my own projects

Photo Credit: Samuel Speller

I think what drives me every day is the knowledge that I am working on my own project. When you are working for other people, it is so easy to feel a sense of distance from your work. At the end of the workday, you can go home and not think about work again. If something goes wrong, you are not the one who will feel the consequences. When you are working for yourself, however, you become so invested in the product. It’s no longer just work, it becomes your life.

Thanks to Samuel Speller, Kenko Tea!

#25- Desire to get a global presence

Photo Credit: Alex Bryce

A few years ago, my intention was to create a platform that provides a one-stop destination for solopreneurs, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to find any document related to their business and create professional invoices for their clients. With the inception of WeInvoice as a successful venture, I have realized that dream. However, what now drives me is the hunger to get a global presence for my company. Along with my co-founder.

Thanks to Alex Bryce, WeInvoice!

#26- Satisfaction of customers

Photo Credit: Orville Wright

It is exciting to deliver business that will put a smile on all faces that are looking for music. I look forward to 100 percent customer satisfaction with all of the business interactions and consultation that is provided. I look forward to every interaction and experience with each customer that all parties can take away great memories from. The exchange often shared is accommodating to where clients often return, ready for more of the amazing experience. I am driven to continue to provide a high level of products and services to numerous communities.

Thanks to Orville Wright, Oh Yeah Beats!

#27- Success

Photo Credit: Jessica Luna

If there is no daily motivation and discipline, things cannot be achieved. As a project leader and marketing specialist what drives me every day is a success. Why? because success is not something that is achieved in a day, it is something that requires motivation, hard work, and above all discipline. I love what I do. However, it is important to mention that if I want to go fast I have to go alone, but if I want to go far I have to be accompanied. Teamwork makes success more enjoyable.

Thanks to Jessica Luna, Net Influencer!

#28- Being accountable

Photo Credit: Leonardo Gomez

As a CEO, I am responsible for different decisions of the company, and it is one of the most motivating factors in my role. As I sit at the top of the company, I am often both blamed and praised for the company’s performance and different business decisions. The urge and requirement to make the right decisions in the company make me want to upskill, find every possible avenue and work harder to make my company reach new heights.

Thanks to Leonardo Gomez, Try Runball!

#29- Making a difference

Photo Credit: Christopher Sioco

The only thing that drives me every day as a CEO of a leading B2B company is the contribution I make in this world. With our high-end technologies, we have streamlined countless business processes and helped other businesses grow simultaneously. With every tech contribution, we are proud of the product we create and how it impacts the final processes of the complex structures. It makes us even proud that we, as a team of all our employees, have achieved so many milestones with our knowledge and expertise.

Thanks to Christopher Sioco, Parachor Consulting!

#30- The passion for my job

Photo Credit: Peter Lucas

Being a real estate agent is all about helping people find homes that will improve their lives. I was drawn to this industry because I enjoy seeing how happy my clients are when they finally get the home of their dreams. My passion for my job has helped me grow my business more than anything else. I've worked hard throughout my career, but without a doubt, my favorite part of being a real estate agent is the excitement I feel knowing that buying or selling a property could soon change someone's life forever.

Thanks to Peter Lucas, Relocate To Andorra!

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