How To Diversify Your Workforce- [Infographic]

As the CEO of a company, you know the importance of keeping your workplace happy, innovative, and comfortable for your employees. One way to do this is to create diversity in the workplace so no employee ever feels singled out and new ideas are constantly being brought to the table. There are many advantages of having a diverse workforce for your team and your business itself. Here are some tips on how to diversify the workforce at your company. 

Remove Bias from Hiring

Bias is often presented in the hiring process without the hiring team even noticing. Practicing blind hiring is a great way to remove this bias. Blind hiring involves the removal of names and demographics of applicants from resumes, focusing solely on their experience and skills. Other practices for blind hiring include doing initial interviews through email or chat.

Write a Mission Statement

76% of job seekers factor a company’s stance on diversity into their decision-making process. Establishing via a mission statement that your company puts an emphasis on diversity in the workplace can encourage people from all backgrounds, races, genders, and physical ability levels to apply.

Change Company Practices

Small changes to your companies typical practices are a great way to provide inclusivity. Look at your company’s day-to-day operations and policies and see if there are ways you can change these to make them more inclusive. For example, changing your yearly Christmas party to a holiday party to be inclusive of your employees who don’t celebrate Christmas. Being accommodating will make a huge difference in the happiness levels of employees at your company. 

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Overall, a diverse workforce is a great way to improve the workplace and your company as a whole. 

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