How to Have Difficult Money Conversations at Work- [Infographic]

Money conversations can be difficult regardless of setting, but talking about money at work is especially challenging. People have often regarded conversations about money as taboo in the workplace. So how can you juggle these discussions appropriately in a professional setting?

Every conversation about finances you have will be different and will require a unique approach. Consider the following situations where you may need to bring up money then adapt each to your specific circumstance.

  • Co-Worker Compensation: Before having a salary discussion with your coworkers, try searching for the salary of a role on Google in your area to avoid conflict. As a rule of thumb, only engage in these conversations when the dialogue can be productive for both parties.
  • Asking for a Raise: At some point in your career, you’ll need to be an advocate for yourself to get an earned raise. Before you begin this conversation, consider concrete talking points that illustrate your accomplishments in a given time period.
  • Reimbursements: Reimbursements can be a tricky ask if your company doesn’t have a set process in place. Before talking to your HR department about a reimbursement, remind yourself that it’s a regular part of business operations, and this conversation can be a casual one.

Consider these conversation starters and roadblocks you may approach as you talk to different types of people about money in the workplace:

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