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21 Entrepreneurs Reveal What Drives Them

Being an entrepreneur or business owner has its share of ups and downs. While the downs can be pretty low the ups always seem to triumph for a true entrepreneur at heart. Milestones are what entrepreneurs and business owners work towards. Once you finally reach a certain point then reflection can truly begin. Finding the motivation in growing your business keeps it from becoming stale in the long run. No matter which part you love most, loving them all is equally as important.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners about what drives them and here are the responses.

#1- Strong relationships with our employees

Photo Credit: Tomas Satas

My company has been in the industry for a long time already. Other than the business itself, I have built strong relationships with our employees. I must say the relationship I have with my employees is what drives me. If I feel demotivated, I only think of my employees. They trusted me so much and believed in my capabilities; that is why they stayed in our company and have supported me in everything I do. As my way to return this support, I ensure that I make decisions that will benefit the company and them as well. I also enhance my knowledge to be a more capable leader that can lead them to success.

Thanks to Tomas Satas, Windy City HomeBuyer!

#2- To make my parents proud

Photo Credit: Jack Klauber

What drives me more than anything is to be a more successful man to make my parents proud. This might sound cliche or simple, but when you push yourself to be better for not only yourself but those who raised you it makes success even more satisfying. For anyone looking for that spark of motivation look at those around you and push yourself to put a smile on their faces.

Thanks to Jack Klauber, Everyday Dose!

#3- I remember my goal

Photo Credit: Ben Tanner

When I feel my motivation slipping, I think about the transformation I'm trying to bring about, which is helping people take control of their health. Working in the ER, I've seen complications of diabetes and related conditions over and over again. And from my experience, observation, and research, I know these people can significantly improve their health through fairly simple and inexpensive means. And my number one goal is to help them do just that. I've written this goal on a notecard and taped it to the wall, so I can remember to keep this goal in mind as I continue working on my website and related endeavors.

Thanks to Ben Tanner, FastingWell!

#4- The everlasting desire to want it

Photo Credit: Blake Bobit

The greatest drive that all successful leaders share is the true desire to push things beyond. Not to strive for money-grabbing, but rather success-oriented goals and the inner desire to push things above and beyond. I think it's the best measure of a great leader looking to really grow and develop because no matter how much we achieve, there's always room to improve and grow.

Thanks to Blake Bobit, Solution Scout!

#5- My dream about retirement

Photo Credit: Sandra Henderson

I think the thing that has always been driving me to continue striving is my dreams that someday, I would be able to retire without being anxious about my finances in the latter years of my life. Let’s face it. This is one of the things that trouble Americans and I don’t want to end up as a sad old woman waiting for death. I want to enjoy my old age.

Thanks to Sandra Henderson, LifeHacks!

#6- My past and my aspiration

Photo Credit: Natalie Maximets

My parents divorced when I was a child and I saw how much pain they went through. Plus, I was abused by my partner and had to cope with PTSD. This took me on a healing journey that led to successful recovery and brought extensive experience in the mental health niche. This is why I am here at OnlineDivorce to help women and men turn the pain of inevitable transformation into the fuel for their future happiness. This is my driving force: My past and my aspiration that I can help people fully accept and integrate their experiences to live authentically and happily with or without a partner.

Thanks to Natalie Maximets, OnlineDivorce!

#7- The desire to grow and expand

Photo Credit: Yurii Brown

When I graduated college, I already knew what I would be working on in the future: my own cafe. And now that I have my own cozy little cafe, I want to expand it and grow multiple branches around town, or perhaps, in other states. This drive pushes me to work harder and desperately reinvent and innovate products, strategies, and ideas to assure the success of my business.

Thanks to Yurii Brown, Coffeegeeklab!

#8- From my father

Photo Credit: Bob Myers

I have always thrived on the challenging and the seemingly impossible. Much of my motivation was generated from my father. The motivation I have for taking on challenges can be translated directly into my success in life and business. Oddly, I love to take on projects that are fraught with opportunity or risk. A main mantra I live by that supports my love to take on projects includes, “Focus on the success of others and you’ll find success.” Another mantra that I integrate into any project I work with consists of, I change can’t into can, won’t into will, and never into now.

Thanks to Bob Myers, SKYL!

#9- My advocacy

Photo Credit: Stephen Light

My biggest motivator is my advocacy—that every American should have equal access to high-quality sleeping mattresses and pillows. I am fortunate that I can use my business as a platform to make my advocacy a reality. Business owners who integrate their advocacy with their business are more likely to stay motivated, driven, and purpose-filled. Whether we like it or not, business owners become burnt out at some point in their entrepreneurial journey. When this happens, it is easier to reignite the passion when you remember your advocacy and the people you can help.

Thanks to Stephen Light, Nolah Mattress!

#10- The thrill of the competition

Photo Credit: Darryl Higgins

Some would view entrepreneurs and business owners as money-driven people, but they couldn't be farther from the truth. As a businessman and entrepreneur myself, what drives me is the thrill of the competition, the adventure when starting a new venture, building a team, and leaving a legacy of excellence. A successful entrepreneur eagerly gets up in the morning to pave the way for growth in their chosen industry.

Thanks to Darryl Higgins, Athlete Desk!

#11- The passion for my craft

Photo Credit: Dr. Robert Applebaum

Ever since I was 16 years old, I wanted to become a plastic surgeon. It is rare in my industry to be so sure of the career path at such a young age, but I have always looked at plastic surgery as a form of art that I admired. Being able to help people feel their best and diminish any insecurities they carry within themselves provides me with an immense drive to continue with my career and to further my knowledge and skills within my industry.

Thanks to Dr. Robert Applebaum

#12- To prove others wrong

Photo Credit: Stefan Cordova

My whole life people told me I was not good enough. I wasn't tall enough. Smart enough. That I should give up. When I was in 9th grade, my 8th-grade wrestling coach told me I should quit playing football. I was too small and that I would never play varsity football. After graduating college with a bachelors in Accounting and MIS, I was
unemployed for 6 months. Finally to get a temp job doing data entry. But I still kept applying to jobs, day in, day out for over two years. In my current business FriendWithA, I've had investors tell me that they don't believe in me. The business is too complicated and they just don't see it. That it was a bad idea, wrong team, etc. Even my own family has doubted me. Is this really a business? It's a cool idea, and someone maybe could make it work, but you have a family to take care of. So, what drives me. Doubt. To prove others wrong. Just cause I'm a quiet unassuming guy, never underestimate me. Oh yeah, and I did start for my HS football team as the smallest player on our team. I did get that consulting job for a top firm. And, I'm well on my way to building the largest rental marketplace in the world. One day at a time.

Thanks to Stefan Cordova, FriendWithA!

#13-  To be the best at what I do

Photo Credit: Shaun Taylor

I niched my business a few years ago and I strive every day to the best private safari operator. These days, things change daily and so you are always trying to catch up and that is a good thing. So many of us in the past reached a certain point where we took the foot off the gas and coasted because business was good. Perhaps in the '80s and '90s when the internet and smartphones weren't around, it was ok to coast with a loyal customer base and having a certain reliance on each other. These days, competition is but a click away and so you have to strive to be the best and keep moving forward. That's what drives me, to never let myself become complacent.

Thanks to Shaun Taylor, Moriti Private Safaris!

#14- My working team and wonderful people around me

Photo Credit: Shawn Lockery

I belong to an industry that enables researchers to develop and deliver a solution that improves human health. Many wonderful and diligent people work with me. They motivate and drive me to succeed each day. My working team and family are incredibly encouraging and supportive of every initiative I take on. I work with a team of amazing and talented employees that work hard and never let me down. I feel lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful and smart people, and they drive me every day.

Thanks to Shawn Lockery, InVivo Biosystems!

#15- Two things

Photo Credit: Whitney McDuff

I fundamentally believe that if we have a skill set or a story that could help make change someone's life for the better, we are obligated as humans to share that thing. Stories are the most powerful way we put ideas into the world, move people to action, and change the trajectory of our lives. So many people don't share their story because they either lack the confidence or roadmap to do so. What drives me is to give them both so we can make the world a make connected and more interesting place.

Thanks to Whitney McDuff, Whitney McDuff Consulting and Proteus Speaking Consulting!

#16- Flexibility

Photo Credit: Jon Torres

I remember when I was still employed in the corporate world. Back then, the demands were exceptional – working for lengthy hours, working hard to please my bosses, and being stuck in the same cage of responsibilities. Now that I’m my own boss, I can choose the hours to work, and set my own goals and roles. When I feel I don’t have time to do some tasks, I can hire someone skillful to do the same while I use that time to recharge or do something else for my business.

Thanks to Jon Torres

#17- Progress

Photo Credit: Micahel Kansky

Any type of progress – growth in revenue, a new customer, new feature in my product, a new employee that brings something unique to the team, discoveries, self-growth, a new way to solve a problem. The list can go on and on. To me growth and progress result in happiness.progress. Any type of progress – growth in revenue, a new customer, new feature in my product, a new employee that brings something unique to the team, discoveries, self-growth, a new way to solve a problem. The list can go on and on. To me growth and progress result in happiness.

Thanks to Micahel Kansky, BigMouthSurvey!

#18- Family motivates me

Photo Credit: Deborah Sweeney

My husband and I are both business owners that are hard workers and parents to two boys. We are, fortunately, successful in our businesses, but we value the importance of family even more. We have raised our children with the motto ‘Work hard. Have fun. Be kind.' and to be present as parents. Rather than leveraging our positions to work more, we value our flexibility as business owners to be with our children and to be equally involved in their lives.

Thanks to Deborah Sweeney,!

#19- Power of ideas

Photo Credit: Cody Crawford

What drives me the most is the power of ideas and the knowing that I can bring value to the lives of people by turning these ideas into a reality. What’s been crucial to see this coming to fruition is an unbreakable resolve and persistence to see things through. The vision is my intrinsic motivator and the idea is the catalyst to take action to achieve. Knowing that with clear goals and small but consistent steps, I get closer to the bigger picture everyday changes everything.

Thanks to Cody Crawford, Low Offset!

#20- Challenges and overcoming them

Photo Credit: Chris Von Wilpert

Aside from being able to support myself and my family financially, what drives me the most as a digital marketer is the thought of facing all the challenges (adapting to the changes) and overcoming them. Being able to overcome such difficult challenges (with sheer hard work and will power) that most people and entrepreneurs would fold gives me that incredible sense of fulfillment and motivation/inspiration to push even further.”

Thanks to Chris Von Wilpert, Content Mavericks!

#21- Seeing a company grow and make money

Photo Credit: Naomi Assaraf

I started my first company when I was a teeneager, and I've been hooked ever since. There's just nothing like building a business. You pour your heart and soul into it and it's heartbreaking at times, but the joy of seeing a company begin to make money and grow to the point where it supports you and your employees — it's the best feeling in the world. I can't imagine doing anything else with my career.

Thanks to Naomi Assaraf, cloudHQ!

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