Identity Verification and Identity Document Authentication – [Infographic]

Many enterprises perform identity checks to ensure they are transacting with legitimate individuals. As an added step to validate someone’s identity, they also ask users to submit a valid document.

Most government-issued credentials contain adequate information about an individual, including their photo. Genuine ID documents also have security features and data format that distinguishes them from fake ones.

However, experienced fraudsters can impersonate someone else to use a company’s services and even utilize counterfeit documents to circumvent authentication processes. Fortunately, there are technologies available to scan and verify the genuineness of identity documents.

Companies must adopt these modern authentication solutions to stop fraud in any form. One of the emerging technologies in identity assurance is biometric identification. This innovative tool harnesses facial recognition capabilities and anti-spoofing features that perform liveness checks at the time of authentication.

With biometric technology, enterprises can maximize the benefits of multi factor authentication (MFA) in mitigating fraudulent attempts in the system. MFA asks for an extra credential to authenticate an individual, creating a strong barrier against criminals who will try to cheat the verification process.

Identity assurance is paramount to ensure that companies will not be victimized by fraudulent attacks. To know more about the relevance of performing identity checks with users and their credentials, an infographic from Ipsidy is provided below.

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