A Tale of Two Websites – [Infographic]

It’s essential to establish a powerful online presence so that a brand can effectively market its services. Two competing companies can take two different approaches to market online, and the results will vary depending on how they sold themselves.

Company A went for a lengthy and costly online marketing strategy that involves hiring a web development company to build the company’s website. Company A won’t be able to see any results for the first few months, even once they finally launch their site.

Company B made their website on their own using web hosting services and save money as a result. This move will allow Company B to expedite their site’s development and launch it as soon as possible.

Once the websites are up, Company A decided to continue investing in digital marketing by launching a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign to market their services. Most people will look for goods and services online, and SEO can help Company A become visible to these potential customers. Company B, however, focused on generating income as soon as possible and promoted its services locally.

Company B managed to get ahead of its competitor in sales. However, Company A’s online visibility outmatched that of Company B’s. Soon enough, Company A managed to get customers from all over the country, maintain their online presence, and revolutionize their business, resulting in greater success than Company B.

Investing in a digital marketing strategy will allow a company to increase its sales dramatically and ensure that it can compete in the industry in the long run. This infographic by Landau Consulting has more information on the differences between the two companies' approaches.

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