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How to Leave Work at Work and Learn to Live- [Infographic]

The Japanese word ‘karōshi’ means ‘death from too much work.’ While dedication to the cause might rarely be so suddenly dramatic in the west, there’s no doubt that overwork is a serious problem for our health and well-being. We work too much, we don’t know how to rest – some could say we don’t know how to live. Even if you manage to get out of the office on time, work follows you home on your phone and in your mind. Sometimes it seems easier to switch off that phone than it is to hush the nagging professional in your head. Checking out for some proper rest and relaxation requires more than just a change of scene. The rituals we use when we pack up, on our commute, and in the supposed comfort of our own homes make all the difference to being able to put work aside for the night or weekend. Doing so promotes better health and relationships, and even better work, since a well-rested worker returns to the office in a more creative and productive state. For an introduction to some of the rituals you can use to achieve just this, work your way through this new guide to how to stop thinking about work after hours.

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