Female Entrepreneurs: Why Are There So Little Of Them?- [Infographic]

Are you surprise that there still are more male entrepreneurs than female entrepreneurs? You’re probably not. In certain parts of the world, they see this inequality much greater. A large percentage of females in business believe that the further up the ladder they get, there the less female role models there are. In a still very much male-dominated industry, women are not always treated the same as male entrepreneurs.

Not only do we need more female entrepreneurs, but we also need society to take note of the different challenges women face as they try to open up their own business. Sadly it’s still apparent that male investors are more inclined to invest in male entrepreneurs. There is a conscious or unconscious bias on the part of investors and it is this lack of support that is playing a huge part in the lack of female entrepreneurs. Encouraging women to start their own business would positively impact the economy, so why aren’t they? Women need to be supported in business the same way that men are supported. The infographic below explores the current state of female entrepreneurs in both the UK and America. It also identifies common challenges all female entrepreneurs face, despite location.

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  1. I think the trend is going up for Female Entrepreneurs. If we take a look at 10 or even 20 years ago, the numbers would be much lower. In 10 years form now the numbers could be higher. Women naturally know how to problem solve. This is a great time for women to follow their dreams!!

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