How to Master Scent Marketing- [Infographic]

Scent creates an emotional attachment in the human brain which is why it has been used as a subliminal marketing tool for several years. Different kinds of businesses can use different scents to create a unique connection with their customers, depending on the reaction they are hoping to incite.

Basic benefits of scent marketing include:

  • An emotional and psychological connection with customers for the long-term
  • The ability to enhance brand value and drives sales  
  • The ability to create a cohesive brand image across many channels

Scent marketing is much more than simply wafting the smell of your product from a storefront. Scent marketing can help increase perceived value of product offerings, help build relationships with customers and even increase sales. If used wisely, scent marketing can be the perfect tool to help you gain customers for life. Learn more about scent marketing below!


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