How Much Energy Do My Business Appliances Use? [Infographic]

Almost all businesses use electrical appliances to conduct their day-to-day business – such as laptops, desktops, servers, kitchen appliances. air conditioners and many more. Have you ever wondered how much energy each appliance uses? And how much it costs you to run? Knowing which appliances are more energy- and cost-intensive can help your business identify potential energy efficiencies. Which are the culprits running up your energy bill? And what can you do to reduce their consumption?

This infographic from energy broker Smarter Business details the energy use of various electrical appliances, helping you calculate the amount of energy used by each appliance and how much each costs to run in a typical day. The infographic also lists some tips to help your business save on electricity. These are easy to implement and can result in significant savings over time. Are you ready to start becoming more educated about energy consumption and efficiency? 


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