10 Enterpreneurs Explain What Being Bold Means to Them

The definition of boldness differs with each individual. To some, it's being authentic and transparent in the face of crisis while to others it's just the state of being different. We asked entrepreneurs and business owners their definition of boldness and here are the insightful responses.

#1-Following my intuition and having clarity

Photo Credit:  Jenn Reid

Three years ago I walked away from life as a CEO of a multi-million dollar organization and built a business as an entrepreneur who travels and works from around the world. As a former CEO of a thriving organization, I know staying relevant and growing a business requires bold leadership and a willingness to take risks. I’ve found the same to be true as an entrepreneur. Being bold is at the top of my list for how to grow personally and professionally. It means following my intuition and having clarity on the voice inside that’s leading me in a direction that often feels bigger than I may see myself or my business at that time. Boldness is being able to take action on the things that feel exciting and uncomfortable while not allowing myself to sabotage the inspired action with all the reasons why it’s more reasonable to stay where I am.

Thanks to Kelli Reese, Lead With Soul!

#2- Trusting your ability

Photo Credit: Laura Di Franco

Being bold – as a business owner or entrepreneur – in the name for that thing you have to summon up every time you jump at a deal or an opportunity before you feel “ready.” Yet to move your business forward, you may have to do that a lot! In every situation, you prepare as much as you can, but business is based on action. Being bold, to me, means trusting your ability to figure things out well enough that you can decide and act before you reach the top of each hill and see the other side. And being willing to do that – make decisions before you feel ready – over and over and over again as you learn how to build and run a business. That’s being bold.

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Thanks to Laura Di Franco, Bravo Healer!

#3- Stepping out of the comfort zone

Photo Credit: Hilary Young

To me, being bold means doing something that scares you. Whether that means finally launching that business idea that you've been thinking about for years, scaling your business, or going after a big fish client, you're investing in something risky and stepping outside of your comfort zone which is, to me, very bold. In 2019, I plan on being bigger and bolder with my business by rebranding and redesigning my website, creating more of a focus on me and my expertise, which is something I felt uncomfortable doing when I first launched my business.

Thanks to Hilary Young, Hilary Young Creative!

#4- Willingness to be flexible

Photo Credit: Gennady Litvin

The definition of bold is “showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.” My definition of being bold in the context of entrepreneurship is when your willing to be flexible and make decisions that could change your business in some way. The thing that seems to hold a lot of business owners back is fear of change, the unwillingness to accept change and go with the flow. When new laws or procedures take place that can affect businesses directly a lot of business owners tend to cower and get frustrated when things that use to work don’t work as well anymore. In this game, you need to adapt and be willing to try something new and journey into unknown territory. When you get too comfortable where you’re at, you stop growing.

Thanks to Gennady Litvin, Moshes Law!

#5- Radical acceptance

Photo Credit: Kristen Lee

As someone that prides herself in being bold and helps other entrepreneurs find their boldness: Being bold in business is radical acceptance. Acceptance to you will be setting a new standard by being the trailblazer, the pioneer in your industry. Along with the acceptance, that you cannot force people or industries to change. But instead, to lead with authority and empathy. Being bold is also to draw a clear line in the sand on who you are, what your values are, and who you decide to serve and NOT serve with unwavering authenticity throughout all aspects of your business.

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Thanks to Kristen Lee, Kristen Lee Consulting!

#6- Courage and ownership

Photo Credit: Liz Hwang

I define being bold in business as having the courage to make difficult decisions and taking ownership of decisions. In business, there are so many challenges to overcome and so many different ways to tackle various issues. As a CEO, what is important is the ability to carry through on your decision regardless of the level of support from others.

Thanks to Liz Hwang, Modern Essentials Design!

#7- Sticking to ethical methods during hard times

Boldness in business is sticking to your values in the tough situation. It's quite easy to preach about ethics and integrity. But, when a business has a high cash burn rate, shrinking profit, and soaring debt, then overcoming the temptation of taking a shortcut, sticking to the same ethics and values, and not compromising on providing quality to the customer is what boldness in business is all about. Maintaining that goodness and following ethical methods is what makes you a bold entrepreneur.

Thanks to Ketan Pande, GoodVitae!

#8- Leading where others won't

Photo Credit: John Crossman

My dad was a pastor and civil rights leader. He was bold. He used his resources to stand up for what was right. Many other pastors remained silent and their careers went further. But my dad landed on the right side of history. For business leaders, I feel we are bold when we lean on tough subjects and share a piece of ourselves. I enjoy speaking about mental health issues and telling my own story. Some people have expressed shock to me on how vulnerable I am. I do it to be an encouragement to others. Being bold is leading. It is going to places that others hesitate to go.

Thanks to John Crossman, Crossman & Company!

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#9-Doing what's right even it doesn’t seem profitable

Photo Credit: Nate Masterson

What’s the difference between doing something that’s good for the consumer and something that’s profitable? On a business graph overtime and the boldness of a good idea, it depends on how much money you can afford to spend. Business is all about how much you can help the consumer, boldness in business is how far you will go to help the consumer. In business, we have to live on this knifes edge of being bold and managing our cash flow.

Thanks to Nate Masterson, Maple Holistics!

#10- Determination and persistence

Photo Credit: Paige Arnof-Fenn

Being bold does not mean you are fearless it just means you have the courage to follow your vision and convictions to achieve your goals and dreams. Like most entrepreneurs, I started off very bold by launching my new business amidst uncertainty and blind faith that I was onto something new and exciting seeing opportunity where others did not. It takes guts, persistence, determination and strength to get up every day and lead the charge and motivate others to join and follow your vision. It is just part of the entrepreneurial DNA.

Thanks to Paige Arnof-Fenn, Mavens & Moguls!

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