The Most Fearful (and fearless) Countries When it Comes to Starting a Business- [Infographic]

Leaving a steady-paying job to start your own business is a risk in itself and can often take a lot of time and bravery to take that leap of faith. From Jeff Bezos, to Mark Zuckerberg, to Elon Musk, all successful entrepreneurs will have taken at least one risk at some point in their career. In order to succeed, you must first fail is a mantra well established in the business world, but how many of us play by that rule? Check out the infographic below by GraphicSprings which establishes the countries that have the most fearful wannabe entrepreneurs and how that compares with those who are taking the plunge. It highlights the different motivations and preventions that entrepreneurs have for starting their own business, and goes to show that not all entrepreneurs are alike.

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