5 Problems Billionaires Could Solve [Infographic]

If you think a secret society of billionaires are going to come together to solve your financial issues, don’t hold your breath. However, as the infographic below from Self Lender shows, if they really wanted to, billionaires could solve major money problems in the US. And it might be for their benefit. If they wanted to, billionaires could dip into their collective pockets and make the proposed $15 minimum wage policy into a reality? Raising the minimum wage to $15 might increase the amount of money going into the local economy and pay dividends to those who capitalize on that spending. Again, it’s very unlikely that billionaires will choose to solve our problems. But a person can dream about just what that would look like. Check out Self Lender’s infographic below that shows how easy it would be for the world’s billionaires to do us all a solid.

Problems Billionaires Could Solve

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