Can Instagram Stories Work Well For Your Business? [Infographic]

How many people view Instagram Stories? Statistics show that over 1/3 of Instagram users watch them every day. Now, that is a lot of people. What purpose do Stories have for viewers? Instagram Stories can take users to an app, a campaign page, a blog post, a shoppable page, or other social platforms. Instagram Stories is also ideal for product promotions, an inside look into the business, influencer takeovers, live events, assistance for how-to situations, fan content, contests, and many other things. The feature targets certain areas we as viewers are interested in. Take, for example, fitness. Fitness is one of the most popular subjects on Instagram. Although many of us are lazy, we would love to be fit and so we enjoy seeing anything related to this theme. Other areas include fashion, retail, technology, flights and travel, automotive, and food and drinks. We all enjoy these things. Statistically speaking, anything new on the market has a great chance of turning up in a Instagram Story. Over 50% of businesses already use Stories regularly and the number is growing quickly. Instagram Stories is an easy to use beneficial service you could use to continue drawing people to your business. To find out how, read the infographic below which is packed with interesting stats and useful tips.

Instagram Stories

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