Trend in Team Building Activities for 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you thinking about doing team building activities with your team? Wondering if it will be worth the risk?

We’d been wondering the same thing, so we decided to ask more than 3,000 HR experts and team building coaches what they thought of them. The answers we got were interesting. A full 65% agreed that team building activities were worth it, with only 15% saying they weren't.

We also wondered if there was any downside to team building exercises. Specifically, we wondered how often they backfire, and actually hurt the team more than help it. Interestingly, 65% said that team building activities can backfire.

Their expert advice for avoiding a backfire was being clear on what the goals of the activity are, not trying to over manage the activity, and being sure to follow up afterward and talk about how it went and what was learned.

We were also curious which types of companies team building activities work best for. Is it more of a corporate thing, or can small business and startups benefit too.

As you can see, corporations had the strongest showing, but they only got 38%. In second place was “everybody.” Our interpretation of these results is that there’s potential for any business to benefit from team building, and it’s probably worth giving them a shot for everyone.

To help you out, Betterteam has illustrated some of the most popular and fun team building activities. Here are two of our favorites.

This first one is great because you don’t need any equipment or anything to play it. Paper, something to write with, and your team should cover it, along with a little creativity.
team building activities

This next one is a bit more complicated, in terms of planning, equipment and setup needed, but it’s a great one both for fun, team bonding, and problem solving.

Ok, we hope that gave you some useful info on team building activities, as well as some fun ideas. If you want more, check out Betterteam’s full list of team building activities. It includes additional advice from our experts on how to put together great team building activities.


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