The changing face of education – How the tuition industry is set to prosper

The global scene in tutor business holds a lot of promise for the days ahead. Increase in population is just one of the many reasons for the growth. Parents are aggressively seeking success for their children and in their pursuit of excellence is embracing the easy availability of tuition options both online as well as at home and tuition centers. Increase in demand for higher education has fueled the tutor business as more and more students opt for specialized tuition to meet their aspirations for being enrolled in premier institutes.

Overall the tutor business industry is placed in the fast track of growth and by the year 2018 is poised to reach $102.8 billion.  The spurt in growth is happening across Europe, America and the Asia Pacific that constitutes 90 percent of the market.  China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea are the notable countries in Asia that has seen a high demand for tutors. India has a significant presence in the tutoring market with focus on mathematics and enjoys a good market in the U.S.

Reasons for high demand of tutors

  • Increase in the number of students and increased competition.
  • To support the unique needs of students that cannot be addressed by the traditional education infrastructure.
  • The urge to excel in competitive examinations.
  • School systems have become deficient and face staff shortage of teaching staff that cannot complete the school curriculum.
  • Demand for individual attention.

The scene in Singapore

Singapore is reputed for its business potential and is considered to be the most business friendly country in Asia.  More and more students of the country are taking up business education that includes accounting as a major subject. Students have also started to take up related subjects such as POA (Principles of Accounts) at a younger age. Resulting in a rise in demand for quality private tuition teachers for POA. There has also been a steady rise in the number of tuition and enrichment centers that are endorsed by the Education Ministry. The business is spreading fast across the country as some of the independent tuition centers have taken the franchising route that has multiplied the points of service.

Technological impact

Tutor business has also been impacted by the advancement of technology. Online tutoring has become popular.  Students who prefer one on one interaction during learning and would also like to have flexible timing are turning to the facility of e-tuition. The benefits are similar to what you can get from a dedicated tutor.

Bridging the gap with tutors

It has been reported that students experience achievement gap as they progress through high school. In mathematics, it has been found that the average American students score better than the international average while they are in the fourth grade but when they reached eighth grade they fell below it. The decline was even more in the 12th grade when they were placed above just two other countries. The need for tutors gets underlined once again.

The demand for tutors will be much more in the post secondary phase when the majority of students enroll for entrance examinations that need special guidance.

About the author – Patrick Green has rich experience in education and its administration. Having worked across countries in Europe and America, he has his hand on the pulse of the education industry. A very good reader of the industry trends he analyzes the boom in tutor business and POA tuition. His views about the education industry are highly acclaimed in industry circles.


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