Top 5 Riskiest States for Lawsuits [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hiscox, recently released a study which stated that on average, a US-based business with at least 10 employees has a 12.5% chance of having an employment liability charge filed against them. However, businesses in several states face a much higher level of exposure to litigation:

  • California has the most frequent incidences of EPL charges in the country, with a 42% higher chance of being sued by an employee for establishments with at least 10 employees over the national average.
  • Other states where employers are at a high risk of employee suits include the District of Columbia (32% above the national average), Illinois (26%), Alabama (25%) and Mississippi (19%), Arizona (19%) and Georgia (18%).
  • Lower-risk states for EPL charges include West Virginia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Kentucky and Washington.



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