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Business Plan 101: Management and Organization

If you are writing your business plan in order to raise funds, then the organization and management section of the plan will be the most important section you can write.  Potential investors take a lot of stock from what you write in these sections so be thorough and straight to the point.  The success of the company is often tied to the success of the management team and their experience as well as how well the company is laid out and organized.

The management section of the plan should introduce the management team to whomever is reading your business plan. You should include a brief biography on each member and include yourself as the founder of the company. The details that should be included are the name, percentage of ownership, their position in the company, what are their responsibilities, educational history, work history, and any type of special recognition. You want to sell your management team and their capabilities so it is imperative that you not forget any important details such as special skills, prior employment, and accomplishments. The information should be accurate in case the investor is interested in doing a reference check. Also, do not include any general statements.  Everything should be concise and to the point.

The organizational structure is also an important point in selling your company. Investors want to see the details about the structure of your business. Important details to include are what type of business it is, who are the owners, what type of ownership is it, and if there is any authorized or outstanding equity. One effective way to do this is through the creation of an organizational chart with a narrative description that describes exactly what everyone is doing and that someone is in charge of every function of your company.



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