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How CFOs Really Network

Social media has helped business owners and business people in a great number of ways. Having access to recent trends, the ability to connect with customers easily, and networking capabilities are all great uses of social media accounts. A recent survey by Robert Half Management Resources found that networking might not be at the top of the list when it comes to using social media. Of those surveyed, 50% of CFOs were more interested in using email to communicate with colleagues and potential networking partners.


Email being a more effective means of communication for some. Email is succinct where social media can quickly turn complicated if you’re easily distracted. Having the ability to jot off a quick email to a colleague or potential business partner can save a lot of time for a busy CFO.  In fact, social media came in third compared to emailing and attending networking events. While emailing is a great way to communicate, it isn’t the only way to make sure you’re making the most of your networking opportunities. Mentoring fellow business people, turning up for various events in your field, and engaging with fellow alumni of your school can do wonders for your list of connections.

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  • This is very, very interesting. First, email is clearly not dead. If C-level execs are using it as their main channel to reach out and communicate, then it is a thriving medium.

    Second, no change in the proportion of those preferring in-person via events? I believe that is going to remain a mainstay of an executive’s networking toolkit.

    The difference may be in the way they follow up and stay connected. Email? Yes, looks like it!

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