“Turning Entre, Intra”: Developing entrepreneurship within the enterprise

“Virgin could never have grown into the group of more than 200 companies it is now, were it not for a steady stream of intra-preneurs who looked for and developed opportunities, often leading efforts that went against the grain.” – Richard Branson Intra vs. Entre Entrepreneurial businesses grow regardless of how the economic landscape looks because they are clearly differentiated, ...

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CEO Lesson #1: Dream Big and then Do It

Patience, vision, and ambition are two words which could describe Mark Zuckerburg’s meteoric rise to the entrepreneurial “Hall of Fame.” With more users than many countries, Facebook has transformed the world and Zuckerburg’s ability to envision and produce this world has been a reason for his success. In order to help achieve his vision, Zuckerberg’s commitment is evident by turning ...

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Achieving A Goal is Part of the Process: Practicing Mind (Book Review)

Book The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life Author Biography Tom Sterner has parlayed what he learned from his profession into a love of practice. He is an accomplished musician, private pilot, student of archery, and avid golfer, and practicing these activities fills his spare time. Twitter Review Love the book and now love the process thanks to ...

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Vocabulary for Entrepreneurs: CRIM

One key skill for entrepreneurs to be successful is to communicate. Part of the ability to communicate is an entrepreneur and business owners vocabulary. This feature from Exemplary Editing introduces new words for entrepreneurs and business owners. CRIM comes from the Latin for “fault or crime” or “accusation,” and produces such English words as crime and criminal. Criminology – The ...

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How to Use the New Facebook Timeline for Business

As of March 30, 2012 all personal and business Facebook Pages switched to the new Facebook Timeline.  Because of the significant changes, you may feel overwhelmed, confused or frustrated, but have an open mind to the new look and functionality because its features are really great to tell your business story.   Below is a description of each feature with tips ...

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How To Log In To The Backend of Your WordPress Website (VIDEO)

How to log in to your WordPress Website Step 1: Open Your Browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Explorer) Step 2: Type in your website address in the WordPress address bar (e.g. http://YOURSITEADDRESS.com/wp-admin) Step 3: Enter your Username and Password and select Log In. Step 4: Your done! It’s that easy.

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6 Bold Tips for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners from William Parrish

William S. Parrish the founder of NobleStrategy, LLC, a Metropolitan New York and New Jersey based company focused on delivering professional construction management services consisting of owner’s reprensentative coverage, project inspection, estimating, safety analysis, scheduling and project/program/technology management to public and private entities in the K-12 education, civic and corporate sectors. Parrish’s business generated $2 Million in sales and he ...

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Calling All Leaders: Book Review – The Three Commitments of Leadership

Book The Three Commitments of Leadership: How Clarity Stability, and Rhythm Create Great Leaders Authors Tom Endersbe is the former Head of Field Implementation and Training at Ameriprise and is presently CEO of Endersbe, Heron and Associates. Jay Therrien has led learning and development for three Fortune 100 companies.  Jon Wortmann is a nonprofit leader and consultant to educational, nonprofit, start-up, and Fortune 100 organizations. ...

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Entrepreneurship Is Not As Risky As You Thought: Book Review – School for Startups

Book School for Startups: The Breakthrough Course for Guaranteeing Small Business Success in 90 Days or Less Authors’ Biographies Jim Beach is a serial entrepreneur, director of education at The Entrepreneur School, and founder of International Entrepreneurship. Chris Hanks is an entrepreneur and lecturer at the University of Georgia, where he teaches entrepreneurship at the Terry College of Business. David ...

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Creative Thinkering (Book Review)

Title: Creative Thinkering; Putting Your Imagination to Work Author: Michael Michalko Pages: 232   NOTABLE QUOTES “Our attitudes influence our behavior, but our behavior also influences our attitude.” “Don’t be the person who sees the sun as a yellow spot in the sky, be the person who sees a yellow spot on a grimy sidewalk as the sun.” “The swirling ...

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