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Online Vs. In-Store Shopping [INFOGRAPHIC]

More and more shoppers are opting to buy online instead of in-store. But why? What motivates someone to make an eCommerce purchase instead of an in-person one? Check out the infographic below for more information. This infographic comes courtesy of Nextopia  

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The Biggest Business Transactions Throughout History [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since the dawn of the industrial age, businesses have been bought and sold daily. But how do the biggest transactions in history compare to today’s tech megadeals? The infographic below shows the ranking.   This infographic is courtesy of Hays Firm LLC

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Business Forecast 2020 – How Digital Risk is the Way Forward [INFOGRAPHIC]

Technology is the way forward. For some businesses, it’s the only way forward. Taking risks with technology can give a business the perfect step in the right direction it needs. The infographic below shows how important taking digital risks are for the future of business.   This infographic comes courtesy of Enda O ‘Reilly, Needa.ie  

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Trends That Are Changing the Way Brands Market to Consumers

This infographic is from Northeastern University’s School of Business on the trends that are changing the way that businesses are marketing to consumers.  These 7 ways are: Building Communities Co-Creation Content Incubators Short Form Videos New Face of Out-of-Home Wearable Technology Packaging

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Older Entrepreneurs and Their Success, Why Running a Company is the New Retirement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Age us just a number, right? Entrepreneurs are getting younger and younger. The very image we have of entrepreneurs is a young man or woman in the prime of their life. That image is wrong. Below is an infographic which shows that older entrepreneurs are still on top. This infographic comes courtesy of Easy Life Cover

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The Entrepreneur’s 60-Second Guide to Trade Secrets [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many entrepreneurs and business owners might be unaware of how big an issue trade secrets are. If you aren’t sure of trade secret laws, it might be time to brush up on your knowledge. Below is an infographic that will get you well on your way to learning all you need to know about trade secrets. This infographic comes courtesy of ...

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Real Estate Print Marketing is Changing [INFOGRAPHIC]

In this era of online marketing, why are business cards, flyers, post cards and lawn signs still essential tools of real-estate sales efforts — even though there isn’t overwhelming evidence for a return on investment (ROI)? Check out the infographic below for information on just how much print marketing is changing when it comes to real estate.   This infographic comes courtesy of ...

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The Real Cost of Business Downtime [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you are classed as a small to medium business or a global service provider, the impact of unscheduled downtime can be devastating. If not dealt with quickly and effectively, the costs to your business could be crippling. Check out the infographic below for more information. This infographic comes courtesy of TSG  

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What Your Boss Needs to Know About Teamwork [INFOGRAPHIC]

Teamwork is a common term used in the workplace. In fact, in many workplaces it is the only term that is used time and time again and for good reason it seems. Check out the infographic below for a snapshot of just how important teamwork actually is. This infographic comes courtesy of Davitt Corporate Partners  

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Michael Scott’s Guide to Surviving Your 9-5 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Safety Training episode of The Office was inspiration to create an infographic all about real office safety issues that companies everywhere need to be aware of. It’s presented from the perspective of Michael Scott and includes quotes and pictures from the show as well as plenty of educational information about the dangers of the workplace  This infographic comes courtesy of ...

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