30 Entrepreneurs Debate if You Can Learn to be an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is more than a popular buzzword. It is a way of life. There has been an ongoing argument about whether entrepreneurs are born or made so we asked entrepreneurs and business owners if one can learn to be an entrepreneur. Below you will find responses from a community of entrepreneurs and business owners.

#1- Combination of both

Photo Credit: Michael Chepurnyak

While there is no definitive answer to this question, I believe that successful entrepreneurs have both natural abilities passed down traits, as well as some acquired skills. Entrepreneurs often come from families where leadership and risk-taking behavior have been modeled over generations. Successful entrepreneurs also develop certain skills over time through education, experience, and practice. So I guess a combination of natural traits and acquired knowledge makes up a successful entrepreneur, they are BOTH born and made.

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#2- Can be made through hard work

Photo Credit: Jimmy Huh

It is often said that entrepreneurs are born, not made. However, this is an outdated and unhelpful way of thinking. In truth, entrepreneurs can be made through hard work, dedication, focus, and a little bit of luck. The path to becoming an entrepreneur is different for everyone. Some may decide to launch their own business right out of college, while others may take a more traditional route and work their way up the corporate ladder.

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#3- Neither born nor made

Photo Credit: Charles Coxhead

Entrepreneurs are neither born nor made. An entrepreneur's development and knowledge are influenced by both nature and nurture. There are some skills that we believe are innate, such as inventiveness and risk-taking, that will help someone who wants to be an entrepreneur get ahead. These are skills that cannot easily be acquired through studying. However, other people can be successful entrepreneurs because of the environment they are in. If they are willing enough, they can develop much-needed abilities through their mentors and experiences.

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#4- Are made from scratch

Photo Credit: Anton Radchenko

Entrepreneurs make various good and bad decisions and use hard work and determination to help them chart the course for their success. Do business acumen and a nonquitter mentality have to be innate traits? Sure. However, they are merely foundational traits that serve as a means to an aim rather than the end itself. It doesn't always come easy, but patience is needed to develop the skill. So, certainly, based on my own experience, I think that entrepreneurs are made from scratch, they learn from failure and take pointers from success and learn along the way in life.

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#5- Are made than born

Photo Credit: Jordan Adair

I believe that an entrepreneur is far more someone that is made than born. An entrepreneur might feel like they have the desire and spirit to invent and run something from birth, but that desire is not enough to be an entrepreneur. In order to truly be an entrepreneur, you have to learn a lot. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to run a business and come up with innovative new ideas. A lot of the job requires you to learn a lot and it is not just something you are born being able to do.

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#6- Little bit of both

Photo Credit: Naheed Mir

For me, the answer to whether entrepreneurs are born or made is a little bit of both. On one hand, some natural qualities like ambition and determination can't be taught, but on the other hand, important traits like networking skills and developing business plans are things that can be developed. I believe there's an inherent interest in getting ahead and chasing success that some people have, but the skills and knowledge to achieve those goals are learned habits.

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#7- Anyone can be one if they want

Photo Credit: Maximilian Wühr

The rhetoric around someone being “born” for a certain job is outdated and could even become harmful. Businesses and society have transformed so rapidly in the digital age that we’re seeing people like stay-at-home moms, teenagers, and others that may not have naturally dreamt of entrepreneurship building massively successful businesses in a matter of months or years. Accessibility matters far more in a person’s drive to become an entrepreneur than their inherited genes.

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#8- Behaviors shape us

Photo Credit: Abul Bashar

It has long been debated whether entrepreneurs are born or made. While some may argue that certain innate qualities can be seen in individuals who identify as entrepreneurs, such as creativity and risk-taking, it is also possible for people to learn the behaviors that can lead to successful businesses. In any case, it seems likely that no matter what type of person jump starting an entrepreneurial journey refers to, ambition, and resilience are key factors in order to significantly increase the chance of success.

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#9- Entrepreneurs are made, not born

Photo Credit: Zarina Bahadur

Entrepreneurs are not born with a certain personality; rather, they are the people who have made great decisions throughout their lives and in their businesses. A good business person always makes the right choices in addition to doing a clever job. Unlike other fields, like sports, which require innate physical strength and patience, one can only learn these qualities via experience. Hence, Entrepreneurs are made, not born; they have the proper mindset and skill set to succeed. They must understand how to prioritize their tasks, practice self-discipline, and carry out their strategies.

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#10- Generally inherent

Photo Credit: Brad Hall

The qualities of an entrepreneur are generally inherent. For example, entrepreneurs have the desire to be different, they think outside the box, and they strive to go against the status quo. These characteristics are usually there from the very beginning and are inherent from a young age. Of course, qualities of innovation and ingenuity can certainly be made, but the brain of an entrepreneur is generally natural rather than nurtured.

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#11- Both born and made

Photo Credit: Shawn Plummer

In my experience, entrepreneurs are* both born and made. Entrepreneurs need to have natural traits that drive them to take risks and be willing to face seemingly insurmountable obstacles in pursuit of their goals. At the same time, entrepreneurs need to have experiences in life that can give them a diverse skill set that encompasses finance, time management, communication, leadership, and sales. Without this potent combination of instinct and experience, it is very tough to make it in the entrepreneurial world.

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#12- Are born after years of hardships

Photo Credit: Adit Jain

Entrepreneurs are born – but only after years of hardships and failures. One can inherit wealth or business, but entrepreneurship can’t be inherited. Even if one inherits a business, it may not be an easy task to sustain it, without developing certain skills and qualities. To become a successful entrepreneur, one needs to have qualities like great vision, innovation, determination, etc. While finding the right resources and support might come easy to some, it will be a challenge to build a self-sufficient system.

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#13- Some are born, and some are made

Photo Credit: Nadzeya Sankovich

I believe entrepreneurs are born and made. So for example, there are entrepreneurs who taught themselves and got inspired by things happening around them, and these were the ones who were either self-inspired or self-learners. And other entrepreneurs are made. These are the ones who have great mentors by their side. These mentors have helped them and molded them into a masterpiece. The ones that were born and the ones made, both have proved themselves to the world. So there is nothing wrong, to be born or being made.

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#14- Are created, not born

Photo Credit: April Jamison

Entrepreneurs are a special breed of people that are created, not born. They have a unique ability to identify potential opportunities in the marketplace and find creative solutions to existing problems. The entrepreneurial spirit is not something one is born with, but rather, it is acquired over time and through experiences, and it requires a certain mindset and mentality in order to succeed. Unlike an employee, entrepreneurs are responsible for their decisions, strategy, and actions – both good and bad. They must be good problem-solvers and have the drive to overcome obstacles and setbacks'

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#15- Are made over time

Photo Credit: Mark Sadaka

Entrepreneurs are not born. They develop over time with suitable skills and learning abilities. Good business insight makes for promising entrepreneurs. Good knowledge comes from good business discussions. A proper mindset and the right skill set help people discipline their priorities. Discussions enable them to execute their goal. They start small business ventures early and learn from them. This confidence gives them an idea and encouragement about being an entrepreneur.

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#16- A mixture of both

Photo Credit: Andre Kazimierski

Many argue that an entrepreneurial spirit must come naturally, while others suggest that a person can learn the necessary skills with the right training and guidance. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. It is probably true that some people are more predisposed to take risks, think outside the box and linger on innovative ideas—all qualities of successful business leaders. But without risk-management acumen, creativity development tactics and proper team-building strategies, it will be exceedingly difficult to put these qualities into practice.

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#17- Nurtured through experiences

Photo Credit: Dustin Sitar

While many argue that entrepreneurial traits stem from the individual's genetic makeup, there is considerable evidence to suggest that one can develop the necessary skills and abilities to become a successful entrepreneur. The foundation of any successful business venture is a combination of creativity and ingenuity, along with hard-work and dedication. This type of mindset cannot be predetermined by genetics; it must be nurtured and fostered through learning experiences over time.

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#18- A little bit of both, but more of being made

Photo Credit: Aaron Barsalou

It is my belief that there is some truth to the concept that an entrepreneur is born with their skills. The person who is born into a family that already has a business comes first. The second kind of entrepreneur is one who is bursting with ideas but lacks both resources and investment skills. In my opinion, it is not required for an entrepreneur's son or daughter to follow in their footsteps and start their own business. But entering the family business is made simple for someone who is born into a family that already owns and operates a firm.

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#19- Everyone can be an entrepreneur

Photo Credit: Nickie Cobble

Being an entrepreneur myself, I know that it was the path that I was always destined to take – particularly having two entrepreneurial parents.  While this, in a sense, implies that entrepreneurs are born, I firmly believe that one must actively work, engage, and strengthen their entrepreneurial side like a muscle, or else they can easily fall into the rat race of the corporate world. For instance, even if you are born with the burning desire to be your own boss and run your own organization, it simply will not come into fruition unless you put in the work, read relevant books, find effective mentors, etc.

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#20- Everyone has the potential

Photo Credit: Grace Baena

Entrepreneurship has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people seek to take control of their own financial destiny. Because of this, I would argue that entrepreneurs are made not born – meaning that through hard work, passion, and dedication, anybody can become an entrepreneur. This is supported by the fact that some of the most successful entrepreneurs have come from backgrounds with no prior experience in business.

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#21- Anyone who is open to learning can be one

Photo Credit: Jeremy Yamaguchi

It is true that some people have natural characteristics that make them more predisposed to success as a business owner – however, those traits can be acquired if the individual is willing to put in the effort. It requires tenacity, problem-solving skills, and the bravery to take risks in order to become an entrepreneur. Anyone can achieve this through hard work and dedication and even practice on their own with side hustles while they sharpen their business acumen before starting a venture. Ultimately, I'm of the belief that entrepreneurs are made as long as they are open to learning new skills.

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#22- Made through the right guidance and willpower

Photo Credit: James Green

Becoming an entrepreneur is not a natural talent–it can be learned with the right training and experience. Many traits that help entrepreneurs succeed, such as risk-taking, confidence in their own ideas, and networking skills, can all be developed over time. Mentors are a great resource to have as they can provide insight from past experiences that one would not normally have access to. With knowledge and dedication, anyone can become an entrepreneur with the right guidance and willpower.

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#23- No one is born as something

Photo Credit: Christy Pyrz

Entrepreneurs are made into the person they are today. They learn through their own experiences, such as specific courses they took in school or the server position they held at the local pizza shop. It requires a lot of training and learning from experiences that you can't be born into. No one can prepare you for a bad customer experience until it happens. No one can teach email etiquette until you're thrown into the trenches at your first corporate job. It takes time, but the payoff is well worth it.

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#24- It's a skill, that can be developed by anyone

Photo Credit: John Willis

Entrepreneurship is a skill and like any other skill, it can be developed over a period of time. Unlike athletes or models, entrepreneurs do not need a certain type of body to have a high chance of excelling in their fields. Entrepreneurship is a skill of the mind and can be developed by absolutely anyone. Even people born in entrepreneurial families that take over the business, aren't actually born with the knack but develop it early on by seeing it constantly in the family.

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#25- We're all capable of being entrepreneurs

Photo Credit: Daniel Morris

I believe that entrepreneurs are made. A lot of people think that entrepreneurs are just born, or that they're born with some sort of special spark that makes them more capable than others. But I think we're all capable of being entrepreneurs if given the right training and resources—and that's why I say we make entrepreneurs. Even though we're all capable of being entrepreneurs, it's still true that some people have advantages over others when it comes to starting a business. They may have access to more resources or opportunities, or they may be more naturally creative, organized, or risk-taking.

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#26- Through a willingness to learn

Photo Credit: Kreisel Jaquish

The age-old debate of whether entrepreneurs are ‘born or made' rages on. It can be argued that both a natural inclination towards risk-taking and strategic business vision, as well as a willingness to learn and develop skills, contribute in equal measure to success in the business world. Studies show successful entrepreneurs often share traits such as confidence, resilience in the face of setbacks, indeed these characteristics can be honed over time with appropriate training. It's the combination of an individual's genetic makeup and their ability to apply it effectively that determines success.

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#27- Both but needs conditioning

Photo Credit: George Harrison

Many believe that entrepreneurs have an innate ability and drive to pursue their passions, while others argue it is the result of the environment they grow up in and the decisions they make that help shape them into successful business owners. Some may be born with skill set perfect for starting their own business, but without drive and motivation, few can make it through the struggles commonly associated with becoming an entrepreneur -which seemingly require more of a makings-than-birth attitude for navigating these challenges.

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#28- Made through hardships

Photo Credit: Veronica Thompson

Entrepreneurs are made, always. The best entrepreneurs have put up and taken down so many businesses, letting them the experiences that made them who they are today. The entrepreneurs behind the biggest empires have definitely gone through several hardships in the past and it is their resilience and adaptability that makes them successful. With that being said, entrepreneurs are made because they need to undergo a lot of hardships to succeed.

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#29- Made through learning

Photo Credit: Danny Peng

What matters in entrepreneurship is the constant improvement of knowledge and skills, dedication, ambition, commitment to work, passion, and not giving up when you finally start any business, and these are the qualities that we learn from our surroundings. These are the characteristics that separate you from laziness and make you a responsible person. It's impossible for a person to be born with all these qualities. A person's society shapes his or her personality.

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#30- Right mindset helps

Photo Credit: Aayush Bucha

Someone can come into the world with entrepreneurial traits, such as risk-taking and creative thinking. However, these traits can also be honed and developed through experience and education. The most successful entrepreneurs have a combination of natural ability and nurture, allowing them to think outside the box and creatively solve problems. Ultimately, anyone has the potential to become an entrepreneur if they have the right mindset and are willing to put in the work.

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