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11 Things CEOs Should Never Say To Their Team (and what to say instead) – [Infographic]

Communication skills are essential for any great CEO, and knowing how to motivate your team is the difference between getting great performance out of them and risking losing them altogether. The coaching style of management has become more popular in recent years precisely because it means using language that asks and encourages rather than dictates.

But what if you’re still alienating your staff because of the way you speak to them? What if you’re setting a bad example with the way you talk about clients, or your praise is so generic that they don’t feel valued?

Do you know what to say if someone wants to talk to you at a time when you’re just too busy, without making them feel like you’re not interested in talking to them? Sometimes the words you use can mean the difference between your team going the extra mile to solve a problem or giving up because they know what reaction they’ll get from you.

The infographic below from Headway Capital highlights the top 11 phrases a great CEO should never say to their team, along with suggestions from the coaching method of how to get better results through better communication skills. For those times when it goes wrong, there’s also some tips on how to recover the situation.

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